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The Future of Leadership in the Arts

Opera America Leadership Intensive

Eric Nelson

Client Engagement Officer

Download the slides from Eric's session at the at Opera America’s Leadership Intensive 'The Future of Leadership in the Arts'.

Posted April 4, 2019


Part One: Will Your Organization Take Its Final Bow This Decade?

Significant demographic cultural shifts are occurring. Maintaining the status quo and failing to lead your organization in confronting these changes will mean its extinction.

By: Jim DeGood, Director of Client Services
Data Analysis: Nariman Tulepkaliev, Data Analyst

It’s time for a reality check.

As someone personally enriched by the arts and who has chosen to work with artists and arts managers, I believe deeply in the work of our field. I also observe the field continuing to wrestle with and contextualize the major demographic changes on the horizon. I see the accessibility and inclusion programs aimed at creating welcoming spaces for working in and consuming arts and culture. I see the beta tests designed to make the arts and cultural industry more “accessible” to Millennials and/or underserved audiences. At the heart of it all, I observe the field tinkering around the edges of current business models by making experimental changes here and modest investments there. A dramatic re-imagining of how arts and cultural organizations invest in building audiences is required.

Posted March 28, 2019


How State Theatre New Jersey Utilized Membership and Subscription to Grow Audiences and Revenue.

J.L. Nave, Senior Consultant

Seizing on an opportunity, State Theatre New Jersey built a long-term plan rooted in membership and subscription in order to build patron loyalty for their Broadway series.

Posted February 26, 2019


By David Brownlee, Director of International Strategy

TRG Arts collates and analyses the sales figures for the UK Theatre Association whose members include most medium and large venues outside of London.

We’ve just completed the 
initial analysis for the whole of 2018 which, in the context of a tough year for retail and future uncertainty over Brexit, generally looks positive and was record-breaking for the largest presenting houses.

Posted January 29, 2019


TRG's Jill Robinson will deliver this year's opening keynote address at the Ticketing Professionals Conference in Birmingham, England. 

"The Box Office is dying. And we’re killing it." Clever technology, complacent leadership, changes in consumer patterns… these things and more have lulled us into ignoring the entrepreneurial power of the place where tickets are actually sold. It’s 2019: Think your team’s job is just about excellent fulfillment? Customer service? The best technology? Think again. Your organisation must have a box office that creates income and deepens customer relationships every day of the year.

Posted January 24, 2019


How Omaha Performing Arts capitalized on the extraordinary and explosive opportunities around blockbusters.

By Keri Mesropov, Vice President of Client Services

In the world of Broadway, The Hamilton Effect is synonymous with a massive surge of sales a presenter experiences in the year it presents the industry’s most exceptional blockbuster and the desire to replicate it again in the future. The problem is that it is atypical, focused solely on short-term revenue gain, and centers attention around the production itself. To be clear, The Hamilton Effect does not center around the people who come see it.

Posted January 23, 2019


Engaging communities. Developing audiences. The arts field of today must be intentional about these practices. At TRG Arts, we’re honored to work with several clients who are making measurable headway engaging new communities, while also keeping a steady eye on the ticketing and fundraising goals that keep their doors open. 

Posted January 23, 2019


Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota wanted to better understand how to engage diverse and underserved communities with their programming. In this webinar, Kate Hagen, Senior Consultant, TRG Arts, will outline how TRG Arts helped Guthrie Theater address three questions that they had: 

  • Who are the audiences Guthrie Theater serves now? 
  • What is the diversity of Guthrie Theater’s community? and;
  • What are the current attendance trends of the diverse audiences that Guthrie Theater has?

Posted January 21, 2019


As Christmas and holiday events come in to full swing, Lindsay Anderson shares three ways to optimize your revenue potential during this festive time of year.

Posted December 5, 2018


In our updated national data trends, Nariman Tulepkaliev and Jim DeGood share their analysis of why Millennials Are Not the Answer to Your Revenue Problem.

Posted December 4, 2018


Smart investments drive high returns. Stephen Skrypec outlines three points to consider during the budget planning process for 2019. 

Posted December 4, 2018


By Jim DeGood, Director of Client Services
TRG Arts

I had the pleasure of working with a client earlier this autumn that gets so many things right. They use data to make decisions and regularly engage in passionate discussions around what data may or may not indicate. They are highly segmented and customized in their approach to building the loyalty of their patrons across every dimension of their organization. 

Posted November 13, 2018


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