09.21 Webinar: My audiences, your audiences

09.21 Webinar: My audiences, your audiences

Developing arts patrons as a community

Is there too much theatre for patrons in D.C. to
support? That was one of the questions that
launched this study. Find out the answer in this webinar.
Seven theatres. 10 seasons of data. One community. Learn what this study reveals about theatre patrons and their buying and giving habits. The importance of audience development and retention shines through, in light of data analysis on how Washington, D.C. theatres are attracting and holding on to patrons. Zoom in on trends in patronage in this community, including new theatre-goers and patrons who attend multiple theatres. Learn about the clusters of patrons in this community 
who look demographically or transactionally similar. Unlock the secrets of audience behavior that may point to trends in your own community. 

In this webinar, TRG's CEO Jill Robinson and Shakespeare Theatre Company's Chief Marketing Officer Michael Porto, talked about the most relevant findings of the study. In this free webinar, you’ll learn: 

• The benefits of a community wide market research campaign. 
• The actions this community is taking as a result of the research findings. 
• The role of audience development initiatives in strengthening loyalty and attendance patterns.

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Posted August 17, 2016

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