Ignite Your Ticket Campaign: Creating Strategies Around Pricing

Ignite Your Ticket Campaign: Creating Strategies Around Pricing

When it comes to ticketing campaigns, you need an effective pricing plan in order to get the revenue results you want. In this session, we’ll share tips on how to set your price, scale it as needed, and monitor progress. You’ll get smart advice on when to activate sales and discounts. Most importantly, you’ll walk away with valuable insight on dynamic pricing techniques and how they can be a major factor in your sales success.

TRG Arts is collaborating with Blackbaud Arts and Cultural Group to bring you valuable tips and strategies with our new on-demand webinar series: Ignite. Watch the fourth video in the series below.

Ignite Your Ticket Campaign: Creating Strategies Around Pricing from Blackbaud Arts and Cultural on Vimeo.

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Posted April 26, 2017


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