It’s (almost) Live! Meet Data Center 2.0

It’s (almost) Live! Meet Data Center 2.0

Data Center is the leader in campaign management and patron research for the arts and culture industry, and, in a few weeks, we will be unveiling our next iteration of Data Center with a brand-new interface that includes updates to enhance the user experience, including data visualizations and functionality.  With more than 560 participating organizations and over 33 million art patron households across the US, Data Center is a powerful tool to help you achieve your data-driven marketing and fundraising goals.  

Here are a few examples from our clients on how Data Center has helped them achieve results: 

Data Center is a cloud-based software service that enables arts administrators to build targeted campaigns, perform demographic and buying-habit research about arts attendees, and trade mailing lists with peer organizations via TRG Community Networks. With Data Center, you can track patron crossover, growth, geography, and demographics all in one place so that you can build effective campaigns that support patron loyalty.  And, the new user interface makes this even easier!  Below are our top three favorite new features, based on feedback from our superusers during beta testing: 

  1. A New Interactive Dashboard:  snapshots of your patron data that allows you to quickly manage your campaigns and organizational health. 
  2. New Campaigns Modulea better organizational structure to easily monitor all your marketing and fundraising campaigns in one place, with statistics about each list.   
  3. New Interface:  a modern design with improved navigation and an intuitive user experience, that is now mobile-friendly!    

Ready to join Data Center?  RSVP for a free preview tour to see the features yourself and learn how Data Center can help you achieve results.   

Already harnessing the power of Data Center?  Be sure to join us for a live training session to learn the new functionality and how to drive results for your data-driven marketing and fundraising decisions.   

Posted August 14, 2018

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