Register for our Webinar: Five Reasons Your Ticket Sales Might Be Declining…

Register for our Webinar: Five Reasons Your Ticket Sales Might Be Declining…

Thursday 1 November

4-5pm GMT | 12-1pm ET | 11am-12pm CT | 10-11am MT | 9-10am PT


When your ticket sales are struggling, it isn’t just about your pricing. There are other key metrics that might be hiding the real story.


Join TRG Arts’ consultants Christina Hill and Stephen Skrypec as they describe the Five Reasons why your ticket sales might be declining. Through sharing insights, strategies and case studies Christina and Stephen will demonstrate how you can improve your sales, drive loyalty and grow revenue in your organisation. Participants will come away with tactical ways in which they can take action to implement strategies when ticket sales are not going as anticipated.


Who is it for?

Those in marketing, box office and leadership positions working in arts organisations who are interested in learning the metrics and strategies which can be applied to grow revenue and drive loyalty.


How do I compare?

Complete our simple data collection form in advance and we’ll share anonymised benchmarked data in the webinar for you to see how you compare against other organisations. TRG Arts will share the data collection form following your registration.


What you'll learn:

  • Tips and takeaways on how you can grow loyalty in your organisation and encourage earlier buying

  • How to improve access and provide more affordable tickets, whilst still growing revenues

  • Why you should focus more on retaining patrons rather than acquiring new ones

  • How to avoid last minute panic offers

  • Key elements in aligning marketing expenses based on demand 


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Posted September 13, 2018

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