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Dynamic. Strategic. Pricing consulting helps clients grow.


TRG’s pioneering pricing strategies guide clients and develop their skills for maximizing revenue from every paid transaction, while using price to optimize demand and cultivate patron loyalty.  

Over two decades, hundreds of client successes demonstrate how organizations have followed TRG counsel to greater revenue, increased subscription and annual fund gifts, as well as higher revenue per transaction.

At TRG, data drives every solution and every recommendation is tailored to each client’s needs and circumstances. TRG’s demand-based strategies follow data history, client operations as well as real-time transactions to help achieve:  

  • Optimal revenue – overall and for each transaction, every campaign, every season.
  • Full looking houses – every performance, exhibit or event.
  • Core expertise – TRG counsel develops staff know-how and capabilities.
  • Stronger relationships – the patron’s with the organization and the organization’s with the patron. 

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Pricing Success Stories


New York City Ballet: How NYCB increased revenue by $1.1 million for the annual production of The Nutcracker by focusing on matching pricing and demand. More>>


The Cultch: This Vancouver-based multi-disciplinary presenter had a 300 seat venue. Learn how they made every one of those seats count for a blockbuster production. More>>


Lyric Opera of Kansas City: With a new hall opening, the opera company faced a dual challengescaling and pricing the hall to maximize revenue while retaining its most loyal patrons. More>>

Pricing Consulting Options

Pricing and demand management are fundamental strategies in TRG counsel, whether:
•    Yours is a plan for pricing seats or turnstile admissions, subscriptions or memberships.  
•    TRG works with you in a long-term, full suite consulting partnership or for a day or two in a pricing clinic, intensive, “sprint,” or workshop.
TRG serves organizations of all genres and budget sizes with a range of consulting services.

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