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TRG’s pioneering pricing strategies guide clients and develop their skills for maximizing revenue from every paid transaction, while using price to optimize demand and cultivate patron loyalty.  

Over two decades, hundreds of client successes demonstrate how organizations have followed TRG counsel to greater revenue, increased subscription and annual fund gifts, as well as higher revenue per transaction.

At TRG, data drives every solution and every recommendation is tailored to each client’s needs and circumstances. TRG’s demand-based strategies follow data history, client operations as well as real-time transactions to help achieve:  

  • Optimal revenue – overall and for each transaction, every campaign, every season.
  • Full looking houses – every performance, exhibit or event.
  • Core expertise – TRG counsel develops staff know-how and capabilities.
  • Stronger relationships – the patron’s with the organization and the organization’s with the patron. 

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Pricing Success Stories


New York City Ballet: How NYCB increased revenue by $1.1 million for the
annual production of The Nutcracker by focusing on matching pricing and
demand. More>>


The Cultch: This Vancouver-based multi-disciplinary presenter had a 300
seat venue. Learn how they made every one of those seats count for a blockbuster production. More>>


Lyric Opera of Kansas City: With a new hall opening, the opera company 
faced a dual challengescaling and pricing the hall to maximize revenue 
while retaining its most loyal patrons. More>>

Pricing Consulting Options

Pricing and demand management are fundamental strategies in TRG counsel, whether:
•    Yours is a plan for pricing seats or turnstile admissions, subscriptions
      or memberships.  
•    TRG works with you in a long-term, full suite consulting partnership
      or for a day or two in a pricing clinic, intensive, “sprint,” or workshop.
TRG serves organizations of all genres and budget sizes with a range of consulting services.

Capacity Building Consultancy

TRG’s premier full suite consulting service
Over three years, TRG’s expert team will guide your organization through a transformation that will increase organizational capacity and result in sustaining revenue growth. TRG’s full arsenal of pricing, patron loyalty, and data counsel—and the expertise needed to help you  implement lasting, manageable change—results in stronger, longer patron relationships as well as more revenue NOW and for the long term. 

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Best Practice Consultancy

A full suite TRG consulting service emphasizing ticket revenue growth
TRG’s expert consultants will provide best practice counsel that builds on your core competencies, with an emphasis on marketing and ticket sales.  Working as staff team partners over 18 months, TRG will guide solutions for immediate increases in revenues and loyalty using strategies and tactics that lay the groundwork for sustainable, long-term results. 

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Pricing Sprint

Pricing is much more than stating a value for a ticket: it’s about managing demand. Demand for a program, admission time, seat or series can be measured, studied, and developed into a successful management strategy. TRG’s hallmark Pricing Sprint can do just that for your next season or series of programs. Your customized data analysis informs our work and allows our team of consultants to take the guesswork out of scale-of-house and pricing decisions. Supported by consulting expertise from the firm that pioneered demand management principles and tactics, this sprint prepares you to implement immediately. Your action plan will be tailored to your operations over the course of a 1.5 day working session, building upon your institutional knowledge. You’ll be able to honor all that your patrons value while maximizing your earned revenues.

More on Pricing Sprints>>

Patron Potential Assessment 

TRG’s expert consultants become your thought partner, conducting a comprehensive review and assessment on your patron loyalty and revenue generating efforts. Your report, created in consultation with key staff, will benchmark your current plans against best practice standards, focusing TRG recommendations on opportunities in loyalty development, demand and sales management, and resource allocation.

More on Patron Potential Assessment>>

Immersion Sprint

Do you have a specific objective that doesn’t align with one of TRG’s standard sprint offerings? TRG consultants will partner with you for an intensive session designed to address specific issues that are current challenges or opportunities to growing patron loyalty and revenue in your organization. TRG’s consultants will inform the discussion based on an advance review of pertinent circumstances and questions. You will take home TRG’s recommended solutions in the form of a results-oriented action plan that you can implement on time and on budget.

Pricing Clinic

This customized, web-based session focuses TRG expertise on your current pricing strategy, directing your actions toward improving and maximizing ticket revenue for a specific series. Our consultants review readily available sales data in real time to give you specific recommendations on next steps and strategic tactics you can deploy now for upcoming campaigns.

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Priced to be accessible to the smallest
organizations and budgets
Moderately priced to achieve near-term
results and solid return-on-investment.

Major investment to overcome challenges, get
measurable results, and develop your capabilities.
Largest, multi-year investment for the biggest
impact results and institutional advancement.

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