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Build skills to price right.

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In ticket pricing, the dizzying array of considerations and strategic tactics can make it difficult to choose what’s best for your organization. TRG Arts has helped some of the best minds in the arts world to grow revenue and patronage with ground-breaking demand management strategies. Now TRG Arts can provide your organization with a one-to-one learning session on what’s best and what’s right for you in pricing.

In a TRG Pricing Clinic, you’ll focus on what’s working for you and what can be done better. You’ll see for yourself practices that have proven successful over two decades for TRG clients, and how they can help you price right and well. The clinic sharpens your own and your team’s skills in the art of ticket pricing.

Ideal for...

Arts executives or marketing staff who are planning now for an upcoming single ticket sales or series of events, and want to gain insight on:

  • What patrons value and how demand can lead to improved ticket revenue
  • How to reverse the appearance of low attendance
  • Pricing techniques, like what’s new in dynamic pricing
  • How to refresh strategies that may no longer be optimally effective
  • Ways to boost staff capabilities in the art of ticket pricing

How does it work?

You start with an advance planning phone conference that lays out step-by-step the readily available reports and information you’ll provide and TRG will use as diagnostics for your clinic. Then, we’ll schedule a day to get together virtually, using an online platform that works for us both. Your clinic leader will bring to our scheduled time together the diagnostics we’ve prepared and will conduct a real-time investigation of your practices against best practices.

You’ll explore all that you know, observe, question, fear, and wonder about your current pricing plans, covering issues like discounting, comp tickets, and how to deal with secondary markets. You’ll take notes and take away a fact-based set of actionable considerations, tailored to your situation and ready to inform your own pricing decisions. After you launch your effort, we’ll check in once by phone to offer thought partnership on key issues that can impact your success.

The bottom line

Having one-to-one partnership on your upcoming pricing strategy with America’s leading arts consultants is an investment that will pay dividends now and in future. The staff expertise gained can help deliver greater revenue and stronger engagement for your next ticket campaigns. These are in-house capabilities that are yours to apply longer-term as well.

Ready to start your Pricing Clinic?

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