Intensives & Boot Camps at the TRG Arts Center for Results

Intensives & Boot Camps

at the TRG Arts Center for Results

Come together with industry colleagues from around the United States and Canada to learn the latest best practices. Intensives and Boot Camps with TRG are designed to help you confront specific challenges and upcoming opportunities in your work.

Professional Development

TRG's professional development is about infusing you with new ideas on how to lead your teams and transform the way you think about yourself and your role. 

Executive Summits
Come together with executive arts leaders from around the United States, Canada, the UK or Europe, to learn how to effectively lead your arts organization toward sustainable revenue growth. These events are designed for the most senior leader (e.g. chief executive, executive director) at large- and mid-sized arts organizations. Visit our Executive Summit page for details. 

  • York, England | March 14-15, 2019  |   
  • Colorado Springs, CO, USA | May 9-10, 2019 |  
  • Colorado Springs, CO, USA | July 25-26, 2019 |  
  • Vienna, Austria | September 26-17, 2019 |

Marketing & Development Boot Camp
The pivot-point between marketing and fundraising is one of the biggest missed opportunities in growing loyal patrons and revenues. In this boot camp, the arts industry's loyalty experts with teach you how to optimize your relationship to get real results next season. 

Single Ticket Theatre Collective  
Exclusive to Budget Group 3 Theatre Communications Group Members ($1-3 million), the Single Ticket Theatre Collective is a unique model that combines one-on-one consulting with classroom-style learning. This five-month TRG Arts consultancy has a laser focus on single ticket marketing for your next season.

Beginning April 2019 and running through October 2019, interested organizations are encouraged to apply as soon as possible in order to ensure proper consideration prior to the deadline on March 8, 2019. Learn More.

Marketing is from Mars;
Development is from Venus

A boot camp for arts marketing and fundraising leaders

Encore dates: March 7-8, 2018

at the TRG Arts Center for Results in Colorado Springs

Dogs vs. cats. Android vs. iPhone. Alien vs. Predator.

Great rivalries have existed throughout history, yet few are as fraught, epic, and, at times, explosive as that of marketing vs. development at nonprofit arts organizations.

You may say, “We have a great working relationship!”

That’s great. You may like each other (or not), but are you developing patrons together? Really and truly? Marketing and development are responsible for stewarding every step on an arts patron’s journey—from the first ticket purchase to making a planned gift—and every step in between. And, the two leaders are responsible for creating patron-centric culture, moving beyond “mine” and “yours” to “theirs.”

In this boot camp, the arts industry’s loyalty experts will teach you how to optimize your relationship to get revenue and loyalty results next season. Over your 2 days in Colorado Springs, you’ll have focused time to:

  • learn more about each other’s personalities, strengths, and working style, optimizing trust and confidence
  • explore the latest best practices developing donor-ready patrons
  • evaluate your own efforts to date based on data
  • find collaboration opportunities to better build patron relationships together

By the end of the two-day session, not only will you like each other, but you’ll create a data-driven plan that you can take back to develop patron relationships all season long, specifically designed to bolster return-on-investment.

Registration deadline: Thursday, January 18

Fee: $1,500 for both marketing and development leaders to attend ($750 per person)

Registration is limited for this event. Book early to avoid disappointment. Price is subject to change.

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Is this boot camp right for us?

Take this simple quiz to find out.

True or false?

  • Development and marketing meet infrequently (once a month or less).
  • Marketing and development have fought or have had tension over resources.
  • Marketing and development’s budgets and revenue goals are separate.
  • Development and marketing use separate databases.
  • We want more of our subscribers/members to donate.
  • We have never asked for donations in marketing materials, or efforts have not been successful.
  • We have never asked for donations at the point of sale or through telemarketing, or efforts have not been successful.
  • Our organization has an anniversary, new venue opening, or other extraordinary opportunity coming up.
  • We are experiencing declining revenue and are worried about our business model.
  • We are experiencing growth in revenue or patron numbers and want to sustain it.
  • We’ve been afraid to address this issue at our organization.
  • Marketing and development have a friendly relationship that we want to make even better.

If you answered “TRUE” to any of the above, you should consider attending.

Still have questions? Email to learn more.



Intensives and boot camps are hosted in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the TRG Arts Center for Results, TRG's corporate office. You'll stay at the Wyndham Mining Exchange in the heart of the downtown area, just a few blocks from the Center for Results.

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TRG is available to host intensives, boot camps, and other professional development sessions in your community, customized to your needs. For more information, contact

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