Staff Profiles

Staff Profiles

Get to know team TRG better. Our expert consultants and analysts have a rich background of experience in the arts industry, and perspectives on current industry trends.

Most recent staff profiles:

J.L. Nave, Senior Consultant at TRG Arts

J.L. Nave

Senior Consultant

What I love about the arts

I can’t imagine a world without music, theatre, paintings, dance... Art serves so many different purposes. It’s such a holistic experience that inspires, challenges, entertains, educates. I think about when I was in Baton Rouge during Hurricane Katrina. Our concert venue was being used as a shelter for rescue workers. During that first concert afterward, there were so many new people in a packed house. You could tell that people just needed to hear live music as a community. There was nothing thematic about the program, but it provided an experience where people could escape and feel community as they were re-building. It’s one of the most memorable performances of my career. I’ve been asked “why the arts?” a number of times. I think experiences like that concert make it difficult to put the “why” into words. That feeling was indescribable.

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Lory Bowman, Senior Consultant at TRG Arts

Lory Bowman

Senior Consultant

What I work on

As a senior consultant, I see my role as partner and liaison. I work with clients to assure that they are getting the results that we know are possible. Because we focus on data-driven results, a big part of my job is researching and getting to know each of my clients’ unique situations. In order to help them achieve the best results, I maintain a full view of their needs and where they need to focus.

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Heather Puri, Consulting Analyst at TRG Arts

Heather Puri

Consulting Analyst

What I work on 

My role as a consulting analyst involves digging into our clients’ data to find out where they are in regards to best practice. For new clients, this serves a baseline starting point for our work and allows the consulting team map out the areas that we’ll address in the consulting relationship. A lot of our clients are doing a great job, and I help find indicators of how they can be even better. I also work on pricing, digging into data to help rescale and rework client pricing plans. And, I run consulting sprints for annual fund, subscription, and single ticket campaign planning.

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Joanne Steller, Executive Emeritus at TRG Arts

Joanne Steller

Executive Emeritus

What I work on

I’ve been a member of the senior management team at TRG for nearly 15 years, most recently as the Vice President of Strategic Communications. My last role at TRG focused on developing client relationships, especially with new prospective clients. I work with Jill and other team members to make introductions and match client needs with ways that we can help. I’m now retired and help advise TRG strategically.

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