Staff Profile: Beth Nily, CFO at TRG Arts

Beth Nily

Chief Financial Officer




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What I work on

I oversee the financial department. We handle financial preparation, invoicing clients, paying vendors and staff, contract development, and looking at company and project profitability. I help managers determine resource needs and develop plans around those resources. We inform company strategy by monitoring our numbers. 

How my career has evolved

I have a computer programming degree. I decided that’s not what I wanted to do, so I went back to school and got my accounting degree. I worked in insurance while I worked my way through my second degree. I went into public accounting for five years, doing tax and audit work. I loved the work, but it demanded too much of my time. I decided to try the industry side of accounting by working for TRG. 

What I enjoy most about my work

I’ve been with the company since 2001. The reason I’ve been here that long is change. I need to be busy at all times, and the change inherent in a small business continually presents new challenges for me. At TRG, we are constantly re-inventing ourselves and that energizes me. I also enjoy working with our team. We have such a brilliant team and the things they achieve never cease to amaze me. It’s really cool to watch them in action. I like the numbers too, of course!  

What I do outside of work

I enjoy photography. I like the creativeness of it. I take pictures of my son and nature. I read a lot—anything I can get my hands on. I do a lot of continuing education reading in the area of accounting, as well as young adult books. That’s where I’m focused right now, because my son is reading them too.

Biography: Beth Nily

Beth Nily leads TRG’s Finance department.  She is responsible for ensuring that all financial tasks that are necessary in the operation of a small business are handled in a timely way.

Before coming to TRG in 2001, Beth worked in a local certified public accounting office for five years.  She worked in the areas of not-for-profit and for-profit auditing of local organizations, as well as corporate and individual tax preparation.  Prior to that, Beth worked with a large insurance provider where she was responsible for the administration of a portfolio of workers compensation policies and specialty policies for new auto dealerships located in five western states.  Beth is an active CPA and holds a Bachelors in Accounting from University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and an Associates degree in Computer Information Technology from Pike's Peak Community College.


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