Staff Profile: David Seals

David Seals

Director of Client Development 

What I work on

I help raise awareness about TRG’s potential impact on arts organizations. When the phone rings, it might be because an organization wants help leveraging an extraordinary opportunity like a blockbuster show or the opening of a new venue. It might also because things aren't going well, and they could use an outside perspective to help them reverse subscription decline. In every case, it's great to have that initial conversation that says: we can help.

How my career has evolved

I’ve always been a quick study, with a voracious desire to learn the arts business. My career started as a costumer for the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, in a cloud of organza, tutus, and tiaras. I moved to the business side through the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, where I learned program management, grantmaking, consulting, and marketing strategy over 7 years. I arrived at TRG with a broad understanding of the field, earned through deep relationships with artists and arts leaders.

What I enjoy most about working at TRG

The people. They’re all smart as a whip, while always remaining kind. They cultivate an environment of creative visioning grounded in concrete data. And they help people—both colleagues and clients—to reach their potential.

Why I love the arts

Because the arts get under your skin. They’re not obvious. They often take a while. Like the day I was sitting in a coffee shop two years after a performance by the Compagnie Marie Chouinard, and its oddness suddenly felt brilliant. Like the day I closed the book Silence by Shusako Endo, thinking it was mediocre, until I was still brooding over it two weeks later.

Biography: David Seals

David Seals, Director of Client Development, works to match future TRG clients with the solutions that will help them best build sustainable revenue and patron loyalty. Whether it’s a re-scale of venue ticket prices, a re-boot of a subscription or membership campaign, or a study of audience behavior and patron loyalty trends, David helps arts professionals find what they need to succeed--from data analysis to a daylong consulting intensive to a multi-year engagement. He also oversees the development of TRG’s community database networks, now in more than 20 markets around the United States. 

Before joining TRG in 2013, David served at the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council for seven years. As Director of Communications, he managed the organization’s website and marketing campaigns, and lead the creation of its first comprehensive communications plan. In his role as a grant-maker, David administered funds on behalf of Alcoa Foundation, BNY Mellon, The Heinz Endowments, The PA Council on the Arts, and The Pittsburgh Foundation. As a Program Manager, he expanded two consulting programs, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts and Business Volunteers for the Arts, which connect attorneys and business professionals with arts clients who need pro bono consulting.

David believes in supporting community. He currently volunteers his time as co-chair of the Performing Arts Subcommittee overseeing the strategic plan for the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College. He is the current chair of the annual fundraising campaign at Grace and St. Stephens Episcopal church. Through the Executive Service Corps, David volunteers as a management consultant for local nonprofits; his current project is a strategic plan for Silver Key Senior Services.

Upcoming Events

Executive Summits:


March 14-15, 2019 - TRG Arts Executive Summit; York, England

May 9-10, 2019 - TRG Arts Executive Summit; Colorado Springs, CO


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