Staff Profile: Lee Henry

Lee Henry

Training Lead 


What I work on

I provide the existing community database network training for Data Center. I also support my department colleagues by filling in on tasks they don’t have time to complete, and by answering Help Desk questions as needed.

How my career has evolved

I invested 20 years at LexisNexis, which does online legal publishing. That’s how I jumped into corporate management. I spent half my time training and half on quality management, analysis and delivery improvement. Another TRG Arts employee and I had worked together at LexisNexis, and when I found out that TRG was looking for a trainer, I got really excited about the opportunity.

Why I love the arts

My whole family is full of artists. Even my mother was a fine artist. I’ve always been interested in acting and singing, and I’ve spent most of my adult life volunteering at arts organizations as a performer. It’s an opportunity to allow the creative component of my personality to come out or be fed. If I’m watching or listening, I get something out of it—and, of course, it’s fun when I can contribute.

What I enjoy most about working at TRG

The great people I get to work with. Everyone is just really friendly. And, I get to help arts communities thrive. I believe society as a whole is better off with a successful arts community. We’re out to help these communities and if they’re successful, we’re successful. I also like it when I get to talk to folks and hear what organizations around the country are producing in their theatre or concert hall.

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