Staff: Jim DeGood, Senior Consultant at TRG

Staff Profile: Jim DeGood

Jim DeGood

Director of Client Services

What I work on

It’s my job to look at client data to tell the story of an organization through its patrons, then to help clients understand how best to adapt their business practices based on the stories we see. So far, I’ve been blessed to work on some really interesting and complex projects. For example, I was a part of a team that built our Patron Potential Assessment product, which uses the best of TRG’s analytics to answer the question, “What potential do I have to grow my audience?”

How my career has evolved

I grew up in arts marketing, working in several disciplines: symphony, opera, and theater. At my previous job, I became a client. TRG helped our organization move into a shiny, beautiful new performing arts center. The partnership with TRG and move into the new center were wildly successful. I grew into a TRG advocate and am fortunate to have joined the consulting team.

What I enjoy most about my work

Variety. TRG helps a lot of clients, big and small, of all genres. I find the inquisitive personalities of the consultants--and clients--invigorating. We use data as the non-emotional fulcrum from which we make results together.

Why I love the arts

The arts are a visceral way to describe what our truths are and what we experience. They help us understand things in a way that is less veiled and more honest than everyday conversation. Through the arts we can experience people and places we wouldn’t normally interact with.

Posted January 23, 2014

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