Staff Profile: Lory Bowman

Staff Profile: Lory Bowman

Lory Bowman

Senior Consultant



What I work on

As a senior consultant, I see my role as partner and liaison. I work with clients to assure that they are getting the results that we know are possible. Because we focus on data-driven results, a big part of my job is researching and getting to know each of my clients’ unique situations. In order to help them achieve the best results, I maintain a full view of their needs and where they need to focus.

How your career has evolved

My entire career has been focused on the arts. I started out with an arts telemarketing firm and have been working for arts organizations ever since. The place I was the longest was The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis. Having spent 17 years as the Director of Marketing, I was focused on campaign planning, maximizing revenue, patron loyalty and team development. The experiences I had sitting on that side of the desk are vital now in understanding the challenges clients face and helping them achieve results. 

What I enjoy most about my work

Having been a client of TRG, I know how much that relationship meant to me and how it revitalized the work I was doing. TRG helped me execute new initiatives for my organization that would not have been attempted without such a strong partnership. I’m excited to bring those same opportunities to my own clients, to be a partner in tackling the challenges and celebrating successes.

What do you love about the arts?

For me, the arts have always been a part of my life, starting with going to theatre performances with my dad. There’s a real nostalgia there. Having worked in the arts, I’ve seen the difference that art makes in people’s lives. We all need beauty and expression in our lives. There’s a shared consciousness, a shared community created by the arts, and that is what I want to be a part of. 

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Posted January 12, 2015

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