TRG Webinar: All in

04.06.2016 Webinar: All in: Developing patron loyalty across departments

 Keri Mesropov,
VP of Client Services
 Jim DeGood, 
Director of Client Services

Think audience development is marketing’s job? Think again. All departments play a critical role in retaining and cultivating loyal patron relationships.

Marketing gets people in the door and cultivates them to membership or subscribership. However, a patron’s loyalty builds with each interaction they have with youfrom the first time they consider buying a single ticket, to renewing their annual fund gift—and in absolutely every interaction in between. Patron services, artistic staff, development, and executive leaders all must align their objectives with that of patron loyalty in order to make a patron-centered business model work.

In this webinar, Keri Mesropov and Jim DeGood from TRG’s expert consulting team explained today’s best practices for creating lasting patron relationships, across departmental silos. We encouraged attendees to watch this webinar with executive leadership and invite colleagues from artistic, development, marketing, and patron services. 

Watch the recording by filling out the form below. In it, you’ll learn:

  • About campaigns to build loyalty which involve multiple departments
  • How a sales orientation in the patron services department can buoy loyalty efforts of marketing and development
  • About new research on how artistic programming factors into loyalty
  • How to lead—or manage up—in your organization to create lasting patron relationships

Watch this webinar

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Posted April 7, 2016

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