Case Study: Nottingham Playhouse, UK

Case Study: Nottingham Playhouse, UK

Nottingham Playhouse, UK: Nearly £200K Increase in Ticketing Revenue

Facing stalled audience growth and revenue, reductions is subsidy and a  significantly lower yield than other comparable organisations in the UK, Chief Executive of Nottingham Playhouse Stephanie Sirr, newly appointed Head of Marketing and Communications Joanna Sigsworth, and their team were ready to dramatically change the way they approached selling tickets. 

"We knew that although many of our shows were selling well, we could be making more of the real blockbusters and pantomime in particular," Stephanie said. "We'd become reliant on a generous concessions policy and were discounting heavily to boost last-minute sales. Our audience was wised up to this - as much as 70% of admissions were discounted in some way, and we had a steep incline in our sales curves towards the end of the sales period for every performance."

Their new approach to sales and marketing operations  led to: 

  • More than 14k increase in combined single ticket admissions and tickets sold to members
  • 34% growth in new membership 
  • 15% yield increase for full price single tickets and 26% yield increase for tickets sold to members

Learn how Nottingham Playhouse achieved these stellar results in this new case study. 

Download the Full Case Study

Posted March 27, 2018

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