Smarter Subscription: 4 Ways San Diego Rep Cut Costs and Grew Revenues

Smarter Subscription: 4 Ways San Diego Rep Cut Costs and Grew Revenues

David Seals, Director of Client Development

How do you exceed your all-time subscription revenue record, with a 35decrease in marketing spend, with 5 months still left to sell? I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is not Hamilton. The answer is not data models or segmentation tools. The answer is Matt Graber, Director of Marketing & Communications at San Diego Rep. 

An Infusion of New Ideas 

My role at TRG is to scope new projects, which means that I’m sometimes a therapist, often a cheerleader, and always a thought-partner about the possibilities. The best calls are those from visionary leaders who seek new ideas not just when things are going poorly but when things are going well. 

Enter Matt Graber. Though we’d been talking about a project for a few years, fall of 2017 was the right time to go forward. “We’d had a really successful 2016-17—a banner year,” reflects Matt. “But you’re always trying to improve. We had a slight drop in 2017-18, and we wanted to do better work on segmentation and targeting. We knew TRG was a leader in this, so we finally decided to move forward.” 

Matt engaged TRG to provide one, six-hour day of subscription planning in Colorado. Following the dayhe went home to lead a newly-infused strategy built collaboratively with TRG, adding new ideas of his own to the evolving best practices that TRG stewards on behalf of the field.


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Posted August 13, 2018

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