Patron Potential Assessment

Patron Potential AssessmentPatron Potential Assessment

The knowledge to thrive in your market.

“Everyone who’s going to attend has already attended.”

Sound familiar? Every organization tells stories about its audience. With studies reporting arts participation is on the decline and new audience acquisition getting more expensive every year, it’s easy to make assumptions like the one above.

But the question remains: What does the data say about your organization’s potential for growth?

Patron Potential Assessment (PPA) uses data to help you discover your capacity to grow in your community. TRG’s most robust analytics package, PPA combines our most powerful analytics tools into one comprehensive picture of your organization in the context of your market.

Working with TRG has brought enormous value to the Guthrie. From reinforcing the critical need for our marketing and development teams to look at our patrons holistically — moving them up the ladder from first-time buyer to eventually becoming subscribers and donors — to sharing best practices for how to accomplish those steps, having TRG at the table in partnership with us has been fantastic.

Trisha Kirk
Director of Marketing & Audience Development
Guthrie Theater

TRG’s expert analysts will examine your marketplace environment, helping you understand where your organization fits in your market, and your potential to grow audiences and revenue. We’ll then conduct a comprehensive review and assessment of your own patron loyalty and revenue generating efforts. In consultation with key staff members, we’ll create a report with actionable recommendations on these opportunities for growing revenue sustainably.

Your report will benchmark your current plans against best practice standards, focusing recommendations on opportunities in your market and artistic genre. TRG consultants will present the results to key staff and board members, outlining your opportunities in loyalty development, artistic programming, demand and sales management, and resource allocation.

Ideal for...

PPA is ideal for arts professional who:
  • Want to better understand their current practices and revenue trends in the context of their external environment
  • Are about to enter or are in the middle of a strategic planning cycle and want to be more data-informed
  • Are experiencing growth or declines and want to understand why
  • Want to align marketing, development, and artistic departments around engaging audiences  

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Patron Potential Assessment:
Data leads to action

 TRG's Patron Potential Assessment provides you with the data you need to get sustainable revenue results in your market. How do we know? Organizations like Guthrie Theater and Actors Theatre of Louisville have used the data to change the orientation of their business models. Their work, inspired by the PPA, has been featured at the Theatre Communications Group (TCG) conference in 2014 and 2015. Find below the slides from those presentations.

Data fuels Audience Development at Actors Theatre of Louisville

presented at the 2015 TCG conference

Many organizations track data on pricing, audience retention, and audience response to different types of artistic programming. But what happens when an organization looks at these categories together, holistically? That’s what Actors Theatre of Louisville did. Managing Director Jennifer Bielstein and ‎Jim DeGood of TRG Arts described how Actors Theatre of Louisville has translated data findings into a plan, how leadership is re-aligning around data and audience loyalty, and some initial results from their efforts.

Thriving on Loyalty: Love the Ones You’re With!

presented at the 2014 TCG conference

What happens when data analysis shows that some things you’re doing really well are also impeding future success? If you’re the Guthrie Theater looking at TRG’s loyalty and root cause analysis, you galvanize your whole team around keeping patrons and growing their ongoing support. In this workshop, TRG’s President & CEO Jill Robinson and Trish Kirk, Guthrie’s Director of Marketing & Audience Development, shared the metrics and patron behavior findings that informed change, as well as the choices, actions, and new practices Guthrie has undertaken.

Thriving on Loyalty: Love the Ones You’re With!
from TRG Arts

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