Campaign Target Model

Campaign Target Model

Behavior-based marketing you can afford

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What if less mail generated more revenue? What if you could build every marketing piece on complete knowledge of your customer's history? TRG Arts has a tool for that.

Campaign Target Model analyzes the purchase behavior behind every record in your database for the last five years, to pinpoint those who are most likely to respond to your current campaign. We move beyond demographic generalities to analyze your audience behavior household by household, giving you the most accurate prediction possible.

The result? You'll send a hyper-targeted campaign to fewer households, without wasting money on patrons who aren't likely to respond.

Unlike costly annual models that don't adapt throughout your season, TRG's Campaign Target Model gives you a quick, affordable list tailored to your goals right now. Just give us a subset of patrons whose behavior you’d like to replicate, and we’ll find the others in your database with a purchase history exactly like them. We’ll even drop the recommended lists right into your account, giving you the power to use them as often as you like.

Let TRG Arts match your next event to the patrons who will love it most.

Ideal for...

Marketing or membership professionals who want to:

  • Find the most likely responders to a campaign from among their current patron lists
  • Generate higher revenue from fewer mail pieces
  • Maximize direct mail ROI on follow-up campaigns, after a broader appeal
  • Turn multi-buyers into members or subscribers
  • Focus campaigns based on behavior instead of demographics
  • Increase attendance at annual events

How does it work?

To use Campaign Target Model, you’ll need to have an active eMerge account that contains at least five years of patron data. Once your data is in the system, TRG staff will work with you to understand your goals and help you define the perfect target list to model. You’ll send us your target list of at least 150 people, and we’ll set to work. In three business days or less, we’ll deliver you a custom report that ranks your patrons by likelihood to respond to your campaign, along with corresponding segments loaded right into your eMerge account.

The bottom line

Campaign Target Model boosts your outreach and keeps your postage costs down. It helps you identify the niche buyer who is just right for this event, or the likely buyer from your broader appeal who just needs another nudge. In most cases, this hyper-targeted mailing more than pays for itself by finding that extra revenue you might have left on the table.

Success Stories

  • Using its 2010–11 holiday single ticket buyers as a model, the Seattle Symphony used Campaign Target Model to focus the direct mail campaign for its 2011–12 holiday campaign. The result was a 6.41% response rate. To get the same result without CTM, they would have had to increase their mailing by 166%.

  • Using those who had already responded to its 2011–12 subscriber campaign as a model, the Atlanta Ballet used Campaign Target Model to…
    • Send a follow-up subscriber campaign in the same year. The campaign resulted in 204 new subscriptions and $26,178 in revenue, a response rate of 0.43%.
    • Generate telemarketing leads. The campaign resulted in 96 new subscriptions and $19,650 in revenue, including a $1,500 revenue spike the week that the CTM leads were put into place.

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