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What if you could clone your very best patrons to bring you more revenue? Now you can. Just send TRG Arts a list of households whose behavior you’d love to replicate, and we’ll build a demographic and psychographic model of them using more than two hundred variables. With that as a guide, we'll deliver you at least 25,000 potential new patrons who’ve never come to your events before.

Don’t waste time and money on generalized ad campaigns or list rentals built on demographic guesswork. Prospect Finder is an efficient, affordable audience-building tool that delivers you a hyper-targeted prospect list. It can boost your direct mail ROI and introduce you to those people who never knew what they were missing…till now.

Ideal for...

Marketing or membership professionals who want to:

  • Reverse a trend of shrinking audiences
  • Grow their patron database
  • Maximize revenue from an upcoming blockbuster or holiday event
  • Give a boost to the launch of a new organization or facility
  • Refresh their audience development strategy with a new tool

How does it work?

Prospect Finder works best when built using a very specific audience as the target for the model, and when you are seeking new patrons from a broad geographic area. Paired with a great artistic product and a solid offer, it will greatly extend the reach of your current audience development efforts.

TRG staff will work with you to understand your goals and help you define the perfect target list to model. You’ll send us your target list of at least 500 households, the geographic area you’d like to reach, and your house lists for exclusion so that we can be sure to deliver only new prospect names. In ten business days or less, we’ll load your new prospect list right into your eMerge account or send it to your mail house. It’s that simple.

The bottom line

If you’re not prospecting, you’re leaving money on the table. TRG research shows that nearly 25% of arts audiences on any given night are brand new to the arts. Relying exclusively on your own database and traded lists means you’re missing potential income. Prospect Finder almost always pays for itself in short-term revenue, while giving you fresh leads you can turn into lifelong patrons. You can purchase a Prospect Finder list for one-time or multiple uses, depending on your goals and budget.

Success Stories

  • The Smith Center for the Performing Arts, a brand new performing arts center in Las Vegas, mailed a new subscriber campaign to 33,000 Prospect Finder households. The campaign generated $206,000 in sales with an average order size of $731.

  • The Music Center, Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles, mailed 24,447 Prospect Finder households. They offered 50% off selected Nutcracker performances, generating $53,911 in revenue with an average order size of $471.

  • The Denver Art Museum mailed 45,606 Prospect Finder households for its Becoming Van Gogh exhibit. The mailing generated a 4.3% response rate with an average order of $111 per responder.

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