Response Reporting

Response Reporting

Your next campaign just got smarter

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Savvy marketers get smarter with every campaign. Knowing which of your segments get the highest ROI helps you find the hottest patrons—in your data as well as your trade lists.

TRG's Response Reports identify high-performing segments, showing you where a targeted follow-up campaign could grow your revenue without mailing unproductive segments again.

You'll learn the conversion rate for every segment of your last campaign, without the hassle of source code tracking. You can also learn the total revenue generated from each segment, including the average order size and volume of unconverted households you could still reach.

Response reports can also reveal the effectiveness of your sales channels, so you understand which of your segments respond well to direct mail, website, or telemarketing campaigns. If your campaign includes multiple events, you’ll be able to identify which segments responded most favorably to each event. Armed with this data, you'll know exactly what follow-up message to send to each segment via what channel.

Success runs deeper than hitting your campaign goal. Let TRG’s Response Reports show you where you have untapped potential, and where you've been losing money every time.

Ideal for...

Marketing or membership professionals who want to:

  • Design a follow-up campaign adjusted for market response
  • Build a strategy that evolves across multiple campaigns in a season
  • Create direct mail or telemarketing campaigns based on detailed analysis of patron response rates to similar, past campaigns
  • Hone future trade requests based on the performance of previously-acquired trade lists
  • Move beyond assumptions about who comes to their events

How does it work?

TRG staff will work with you to understand exactly what you want to track and what data points you need in order to track it. You’ll send us the complete list of patrons to whom you sent the campaign, as well as the list of patrons who responded. Once we have your data, we’ll begin our analysis and will return a Response Report to you within three to five business days.

The bottom line

Response reports save you money by helping you identify revenue potential from your best segments, while eliminating mail costs to unproductive segments. If you are a member of a community network, you automatically receive 33% off Response Reports, making it even more affordable to use this simple but powerful resource.

Success Stories


  • Theatre Under the Stars has used a Response Report after its single ticket campaigns since 2009. Through this, they refined their strategy for follow-up campaigns, including the offer, target audience, and timing. The end result has been increased ROI on subsequent mailings.

  • Chicago Symphony Orchestra used Response Reports as part of a subscription campaign overhaul that reduced the number of mail pieces by 30%, while increasing responders by 55%. 

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TRG Arts Announces Leadership Promotions as Company Realigns to Support Record Growth   

Colorado Springs, CO, March 11, 2020—TRG Arts, a global data-driven consulting firm for cultural and arts professionals, announced today the promotions of its senior leadership team to expand service capabilities to further drive innovation and growth. Since 2013, the firm has doubled in size, established a base in the United Kingdom, and served more than 1,200 clients in the United States, Canada, Australia, the U.K. and Europe. In 2019, TRG earned the highest revenue in its 25-year history.

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