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TRG Canada

TRG Arts has become a trusted consulting partner for Canadian arts and cultural organizations. Focusing on capacity building strategies for sustaining loyalty and ticket revenue, TRG offers customized solutions for organizations in every genre and size category.

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What Canadian leaders say about working with TRG

"TRG turned our team into great strategists, confident making timely and tough decisions to move the organization forward. We see the impact of their analysis and counsel every day, in the increasing loyalty and commitment of our patrons, and in the diversity of success in revenue lines.”

Camilla Holland
General Manager
Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre

"Having TRG as part of my team is like going to a great conference every month, leaving me enthused and motivated to try new ideas and raise the bar on achieving outstanding revenue and loyalty results. I’ve always known I have a great team, and I’ve known that we do great work – but working with TRG makes us greater. It facilitates our desire to confront sacred cows, break down barriers to change, create a forum for discussion on critical issues, and never stop moving forward. And we never do."

Peter Cathie White
Executive Director
Arts Club Theatre Company
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"TRG Arts empowers the arts by demystifying the business of theatre. The tools you need to succeed are in your hands and TRG Arts taught us how to use them to transform our organization."

Lorna Zaremba
General Manager
Theatre Aquarius

What executives say about working with TRG

"TRG supplies us with the leading ideas about best practices. We’re always thinking about what will become our own best practice next."

Tim Shields
Managing Director
McCarter Theatre

"Working with TRG has changed our strategies for growing revenue. Using TRG’s data-based approach, we focused on industry-proven best practices that made growing donors and revenue even more effective. We are thrilled with our progress in fundraising and ticket sales."

Angela Gieras
Executive Director
Kansas City Repertory Theatre
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"The combination of a friendly approach and helpful advice underpinned by solid analysis of our own data gave us the confidence to tackle a major strategy change, including follow up support."

Adrian Jackson
Chief Executive
Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

"[TRG's] Executive Summit is a seminar like no other, full of thought provoking questions, informative data, smart strategies, inspiring goals, and encouraging peer advice. I left Colorado Springs inspired and motivated to continue to lead Aspen Santa Fe Ballet with the highest level of efficiency possible."

Jean-Philippe Malaty
Executive Director
Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

“We are very pleased with the success we’re seeing in our first year working with TRG Arts. While we have a solid foundation and team in place, TRG Arts has been able to provide an ‘outsider’s view’ to help us think about new ways to engage patrons, resulting in an increase in season ticket packages and patron loyalty.”

Dione Kennedy
President & CEO
Performing Arts Fort Worth

Recent work with Canadian clients:


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Press on TRG's work with Canadian clients:

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