Staff Profile: Anita Hansen, Senior Consultant at TRG Arts

Anita Hansen

Senior Consultant


What I work on

I have the privilege of working with a host of visual and performing arts organizations in the U.S. and Canada. I lead arts administrators through the process of creating best practices in patron loyalty and revenue development, tailored for each of their organizations. This job is like being a coach. To me, that’s a pretty exciting role.

How my career has evolved

At age 16 I attended a Canadian Brass education concert in relatively new performance hall in my area. As I watched the performance, looked around at the beautiful hall, and looked at my friends sitting with me in the concert, I realized I wanted a career that helped me bring people to the arts. It was a really clear moment—I knew I was passionate about the arts and realized I had the skill set to work on the business side. Now I’ve served in leadership roles in both marketing and development in southern California. In that time, I had the opportunity to work with TRG as a client and to help my orchestra grow the patron base. I worked with Rick Lester, who was a consultant and a career mentor. That path eventually led me to TRG Arts.

What I enjoy most about working at TRG

The people. On the client side, I enjoy the relationships with clients and the opportunity to help them grow as an organization and as individuals. On the TRG side, I really esteem my colleagues in their experience, attitude, and aptitude. It’s phenomenal. TRG brings out the best, in that it’s an organization that seeks and cultivates life-long learning yet honors the individual.

Why I love the arts

The arts, both participation in and the appreciation of, have been encouraged and valued throughout my life. I see art as a vital part of communicating and sharing our human experience. I love that my career allows me to further something that I’m passionate about while utilizing my personal skill set. Plus, working in the arts opens the doors to incredible individuals, organizations and opportunities.

Biography: Anita Hansen

Anita Hansen has 20 years of experience in equipping and engaging organizations and individuals through the skills of marketing, fund raising, communications, advertising and leadership, including thirteen years in marketing and development leadership for the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra. In Long Beach, she spearheaded the creation of a TRG/community database co-op, as the lead performing arts partner. She now serves as TRG lead consultant with clients in Canada and the United States, including Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, The Citadel Theatre, PlayMakers Repertory Company, North Carolina Theatre, Washington Pavilion and Pacific Symphony.

Upcoming Events

Professional Development Workshops


September 26-28, 2018 - TRG Arts Executive Summit; Paris, France

October 17-19, 2018 - TRG Arts Executive Summit; Colorado Springs, CO



Museums Association Annual Conference & Exhibition - 8-10 November 2018; Belfast

NAMP Conference 2018 - November 9-12, 2018; Seattle, WA

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