TRG Arts and Purple Seven Alliance to Increase Support Worldwide for Clients and the Arts and Culture Sector

October 29, 2020

Arts Leadership Consultancy and Technology Specialists work together to enhance each other’s Product and Service Capabilities
Six Months After Closure

TRG Arts is delighted to be partnering with UK arts data specialists Purple Seven to provide new and improved capabilities for both our clients and the wider arts and cultural sector. Our new partnership builds on our successful collaborations and will offer our clients a wider range of services, including data analysis tools, customer surveys, benchmark services and transformational ongoing consulting.

With our complementary skills, we will work together to provide new insights for our clients across the globe. In addition, analysis of big data from multiple markets and the use of data science will fuel our organizations counsel and product development to ensure the sector has the tools it needs to recover and reinvent itself.

TRG Arts and Purple Seven currently work together on the COVID-19 Sector Benchmark which was launched just weeks after the start of the crisis. More than 400 organizations in the US, Canada, UK and Europe have signed up to share near real-time data on sales and donations and track their progress against their peers. The initiative has received support from the National Endowment for the Arts in the U.S., and in the U.K. the national government and funders are using the data to inform policy.

“Working on the COVID-19 Sector Benchmark highlighted the complementary nature of the skills and experience across our two organizations, as well as our shared passion and drive to support resilience in the arts through better use of data and application of best practices. We believe that cultural organizations need to be less siloed and more nimble if we are going to overcome the challenges ahead and re-imagine an inclusive and reflective arts sector for the 21st century. We hope our alliance with Purple Seven will encourage others to think creatively about their business models and the potential for partnership.”

Jill Robinson, CEO, TRG Arts

“While Purple Seven is well known in the U.K. arts sector, it hasn’t made its transformational data management and analysis tools and services available in North America. Together with TRG Arts we will work to support more and a wider range of organizations, including smaller ones, more museums and galleries, arts organizations in countries we don’t currently serve and organizations, funders and government departments who need access to robust, near real-time data on the health of the sector.”

Stuart Nicolle, Co-Founder and CEO, Purple Seven

Thanks to the partnership, TRG’s clients will soon have access to a range of new analytics tools that transform raw data into actionable intelligence and highlight key metrics that are critical to business success.

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