What are other arts organizations doing?

July 14, 2021
by TRG Arts

A Pathway to Membership | Wiltshire Creative

Wiltshire Creative have reciprocated the generosity to those who donated their tickets during the pandemic by issuing complimentary memberships. TRG's Stephen Skrypec describes their how the team are stewarding those members, with the goal of creating repeat ticket buyers and relationship-building that supports their organisation's mission.

Retaining Mid-Level Donors | Pittsburgh CLO

Pittsburgh CLO had great 1 to 1 relationship management with their major donors. But this year, they’ve innovated and expanded. The CLO started talking to all of their mid-level donors too, phone calls with every one of them before their season announcement. TRG’s Caitlin Green, Client Engagement Officer, shares their approach and results which saw 100% donor retention and generated over $15,000 more in unsolicited revenue.

Listening to their patrons | Telefunding with Toronto Symphony Orchestra

The marketing and development teams at Toronto Symphony Orchestra are capitalizing on their resources, assets and relationships as best they can throughout the pandemic. TRG’s Caitlin Green shares their approach – a mid-year telefunding campaign – with some stellar results on on track for their best annual fund ever.

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