Developing audiences through data [slideshow]

Developing audiences through data [slideshow]

Desarrollar audiencias a partir de los datos

As public subsidies for the arts change, organizations must rely on people—their audiences and patrons—to provide the revenue to sustain them long-term. How can organizations build a new business model that both serves audiences and relies on them for revenue? The first step is to see what the data says about building these patron relationships.

In this keynote, presented at the 2015 Conferencia de Marketing de las Artes in Madrid and Barcelona, Jill Robinson of the arts consulting firm TRG Arts offered data-inspired lessons on how organizations can monetize patron relationships. These relationships drive the revenue that allows the entire organization to thrive, instead of merely surviving. Jill also discussed data collection and privacy concerns, and how to create incentives for genuine connection between patrons and organization. You’ll learn how pricing and demand, patron loyalty, database management, and artistic programming each impact patron-generated revenue, and how they can be integrated into an organization-wide culture to drive revenue. When marketers leverage this integrated model, they can make the most of their marketing budget, and start cultivating audiences for a sustainable future. This presentation discussed these specific questions:

1. Why does loyalty matter? How can higher ROI on each patron build sustainable arts organizations?

2. Not all patrons are created equal. How can we right-size our marketing investments in different groups of patrons?

3. Does the type of programming that a patron attends determine future ROI?

Posted October 30, 2015

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