Video Series: Loyalty as a Linchpin

Video Series: Loyalty as a Linchpin

Loyalty as a Linchpin: A Conversation with Fred Reichheld is a new six-part series TRG Arts is sharing with the field focused on loyalty and sustainability. This series features TRG’s President & CEO Jill Robinson with Fred Reichheld, the author, researcher, and management consultant The New York Times refers to as the person who “put loyalty economics on the map.” Reichheld is often known from the Net Promoter System and Score he created, and his more than 40-year history of studying the economics of loyalty at the management consulting firm, Bain and Company. TRG Arts believes Reichheld is uniquely positioned to help arts and cultural leaders understand what impact loyalty can have on the sustainability and growth of the arts and cultural industry.

What follows in the coming weeks is a special multiple-part release of a new episode each week culminating with the next Arts Leadership Book Club on Thursday, November 8 where we will be discussing what we have learned from Fred and his book The Ultimate Question 2.0.

Episode 1: "Are we brave enough to learn?"

In the first episode of this series, Jill and Fred set the stage for their conversation about why this topic is so crucial to our sector, what we can all learn about leadership and people, and the impacts we can have by studying for-profit industries. 






Episode 2: "I'm not a fan of surveys."

In the second episode of this series, Fred and Jill discuss why he prefers open-ended feedback and conversation over traditional surveys, and how that inspired him to create the Net Promoter Score and System. Fred also talks about what it takes to measure the effectiveness of a mission, and how arts organizations can use data to test assumptions and learn quickly to continuously improve.





Episode 3: Test & Learn

In the third episode of this series, Fred and Jill discuss how to test hypotheses and use real-time feedback to help prioritize the best ideas to ensure valuable time and resources remain focused on the right initiatives.




Posted September 27, 2018

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