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Patron Loyalty consulting with TRG Arts

Patron Loyalty

Keep your patron relationships stronger, longer.


Increasing patrons' loyalty to an organization is the best way to ensure long-term, sustainable audiences and revenue. Through data, TRG counsel follows every step on patron's journey from first-time attendee to subscriber or member to donor. Then we create strategies customized for each organization to make patron engagement stronger, longer, and lasting.

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Patron Loyalty Success Stories


Seattle Repertory Theatre: Seattle Repertory Theatre cultivated a group of first-time ticket buyers, leading to a tripling in their retention rate and a doubling in their overall lifetime value. More>>


Louisiana Philharmonic: After Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana Philharmonic rebuilt their database and focused on converting subscribers into donors, quadrupling their annual fund revenue. More>>


Theatre Calgary: Theatre Calgary's subscribers were fiercely loyal, but attracting new ones had become a challenge. How they increased subscription revenue by 49% and shattered subscription records. More>>

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Patron loyalty cultivation and growth is among the fundamental strategies of TRG counsel, whether:
•    Yours is a plan for ticket buyers or visitors.
•    TRG works with you in a long-term, full suite consulting partnership or for a day or two in a pricing clinic, intensive, “sprint,” or workshop.

TRG serves organizations of all genres and budget sizes with a range of consulting services.

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