Preview Day

A test drive of TRG consulting 

customized for your organization

A TRG Preview Day is a 6-hour consulting session designed for TRG to discover and to show your leadership and staff team the opportunities that we see for your patron and revenue growth. All you pay is our travel expenses and you and your team will receive experienced counsel on short-term issues facing your organization based on a high level assessment of your current circumstances.

Over the past two decades, we’ve learned that the single most important variable in our long-term client success is creating mutual understanding and commitment at the beginning of a project. The Preview Day has become our preferred way of inaugurating a new consulting relationship with a prospective client.

A Preview Day is designed with the following goals in mind:

  • Your key stakeholders will learn TRG’s key working methods and how they might apply to your situation. 
  • You’ll be able to evaluate “fit” and ascertain if our team can work well with yours. 
  • You’ll see our counsel in action and learn whether TRG’s approach is complementary to your needs and available resources. 
  • And last, but certainly not least, you’ll receive a day of TRG consulting that is tailored to your situation, campaign needs and challenges. 

How it works:

Who should attend?

We encourage you to treat this day as an important professional development session. Executive leadership must attend.  In addition, you’ll want to engage:

  • Your marketing, development, membership, visitors services/sales officers,
  • Artistic and financial leadership,
  • Key stakeholders, such as board leadership or potential project funders. 

What advance information do you need?

Your Preview Day will be a working consulting session.  As soon as your Preview Day is scheduled, TRG will send a detailed request for information that will be used in our Preview Day analysis, such as reports on revenue and sales, event history or hall maps, plans, and budgets. These will inform our analysis and the specific issues we choose as most important to address. 

What will the day itself be like?

 Your Preview Day will run from morning until about 2 p.m.  Typically the day looks like this:

  • Morning, before Preview Day session begins: Your Preview Day consulting partner will meet with your executive leadership and other key stakeholders for breakfast at a location of your choice. This enables TRG to ask questions of you that have come from data analysis in preparation for our day.  It also helps make a personal connection between our two organizations that sets up our Preview Day for success.

  • The Preview Day Session:  Your Preview Day consultant will facilitate a day that ensures productive, open and robust dialogue among your team and TRG.  The agenda outline includes:
    • About TRG
    • Top-Line Analysis of Your Data
    • Opportunities in Patron Loyalty Management
    • Opportunities in Pricing and Demand Management
    • How TRG Makes it All Work Together
    • Q&A

  • After the formal Preview Day session: TRG will lead a formal discussion with your executive leadership about how a TRG consultancy works, the opportunities and  challenges TRG sees and desired next steps.

How much does it cost?

We offer Preview Days for free to organizations which qualify for one. All you will cover is the TRG consultant's travel expenses.

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