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Help us get results for arts and cultural organizations.

TRG's staff team represents some of the best and brightest minds in the arts industry today. We look for team members who can contribute to our expertise, advance our intellectual curiosity, and share our passion for the arts.

We are always interested in finding great people who may want to work at TRG Arts in the future. If you don't see a position you qualify for, please send your resume and cover letter as attachments to

Positions currently available:

Project Coordinator, Client Services  (Posted January 3, 2018)
Consulting Analyst  (Posted: January 3, 2018)
Data Services Manager  (Posted: November 28, 2017)

Who we are

TRG Arts is a results-driven consulting firm dedicated to the arts and entertainment field. We use data to develop strategies that help clients achieve the kind of results that achieve working capital and loyal patronage. In short, TRG works with clients on strategic practices for sustainability.

TRG Arts was created in 1995 by our late founder, Rick Lester. We are based in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado at the TRG Arts Center for Results. Our 35 team members believe in making change that helps arts communities thrive. The Center for Results is TRG’s learning, teaching, and consulting center in which we host clients, partners, and friends in the national and international arts and cultural sector.

Informed by data, TRG consultants and analysts guide growth to achieve results.  We work with clients in these three core areas of our business:

  • Consulting: TRG transforms organizations through strategies that increase organizational capacity and result in sustaining revenue growth. Through pricing, patron loyalty, and data counsel, we grow stronger, longer patron relationships and revenue. Learn more about our work in patron loyalty and in pricing.
  • Data & analytics services: How can arts marketers and fundraisers must build personal relationships with a database of thousands of patrons? Researching audiences informs the strategic action that can lead to increased loyalty and revenue. Learn more>>
  • Community data networks: What if we could take all the data, from every ticketing/fundraising system in a community, and analyze it all in one place? TRG Community Networks do just this in over 20 locations throughout the U.S. Learn more>>

TRG values and culture

At TRG, we believe performing arts and cultural organizations help communities thrive. Arts and culture strengthen communities by helping people learn, heal, and simply have fun!  And, it’s our arts and cultural organizations that play a specific role in curating and enabling these community experiences.

We believe in people. Our people are what make TRG who we are. We are a group who believe in the arts and are smart, curious, dynamic, and hard working.

We value fun. Whether that is spending time with family, volunteering, hiking, mountain biking, singing in a choir, or playing in an orchestra, TRG encourages work life balance.

What people say about working at TRG


"I really esteem my colleagues in their experience, attitude, and aptitude. It’s phenomenal. TRG brings out the best, in that it’s an organization that seeks and cultivates life-long learning yet honors the individual."  

-Anita Hansen, Senior Consultant

"The environment at TRG is one of passionate, like-minded folks gathering together to solve the problems of the arts admin world—and doing it well. I really enjoy working with all of our clients, who are so smart, each in their own way."

-Claudia van Poperingen, Director of Data Services

Get to know team TRG better. Check out our staff profiles>>

Where we are

Global Headquarters: The TRG Arts Center for Results in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs sits at the base of Pikes Peak, one of Colorado’s “14er” mountains at over 14,000 feet of elevation. The city is home to some of the best outdoor recreation the state has to offer. The TRG Arts Center for Results is in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs near a variety of local shops, restaurants, galleries, and museums. With a view of Pikes Peak to the west, you are never more than a few minutes away from some of the best hiking, cycling and rock climbing in the U.S. The Pikes Peak region is also home to more than 300 nonprofit arts, cultural, and humanities groups. Our local nonprofit arts organizations generate $72 million in annual economic impact and creative industries are the 5th largest employment cluster in the state of Colorado.

Benefits for Global Headquarters:

Some of the benefits TRG offers in the US include:

  • Company social events
  • Career development and training
  • Mentorship
  • Bonus Program
  • 3 weeks paid time off, including the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day
  • Paid sick leave
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance options
  • Long-term disability
  • 401(k), including company match
  • Flexible Spending Account plan

How to apply

If there are open positions, please carefully read the descriptions listed below, then submit your resume and cover letter to .

Open position descriptions


Project Coordinator, Client Services

Reports to: Director of Client Services

Positions Supervised: None

TRG’s team of Project Coordinators are highly accountable, proactive and essential members of the TRG Client Service (existing business) and Client Development (new business) teams whose number one priority is to optimize efficiency and accuracy for the company’s client-facing business. Reporting to TRG’s Director of Client Services, the Project Coordinator for Client Service manages key and critical timelines, internal and external communication related to those projects, and analysis for the TRG Client Service team. Trafficking multiple projects effectively and without fail is the imperative of this position. The Project Coordinator for Client Service also coordinates work and projects that require collaboration between TRG’s consulting team and their colleagues in production and analytic roles. 

Major Responsibilities:

The Project Coordinator for Client Service will work full time in TRG’s Colorado Springs headquarters and be responsible for the following duties: 

  • Managing and implementing all aspects of data collection, quality control checks and related client and internal communication around needs and deadlines for a variety of analysis including:  
    • client pricing analysis; 
    • client loyalty analysis; 
    • ‘sprint’ project work; 
    • client start-up analysis (Baseline Assessments);  
    • and custom projects. 
  • Lead weekly Production and regular Client Service meetings to determine project statuses, accountabilities, and risks. 
  • Coordinating and implementing a standard start-up for all new data services clients. Act as liaison between internal team members and the client to ensure an accurate and on-time launch on TRG’s Data Center platform. 
  • Developing and optimizing tools to view and evaluate TRG’s client service and production capacity and profitability. Collaborating with key members of TRG’s management team to regularly form recommendations on the real-time state of the client service team’s capacity. TRG’s on-line project management application will be leveraged as a resource for this duty.
  • Leads the implementation, optimization, and day-to-day usage of TRG’s on-line project management application, as well as PMAP, to track project statuses, assignments, and deliverables. Under the direction of the Director of Data Services, assigns Production Analysts to projects. Under the direction of the Director of Client Services, assigns Consulting Analysts to projects.
  • Proactively and regularly evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of his/her processes and make recommendations for change and improvement. The Project Coordinator must have the ability to communicate needs and recommendations related to process improvement.  


Candidates must have: 

  • A Bachelor’s degree, and 5+ years’ experience in team or project coordination in which the timely, efficient delivery of complex, multi-phase work is accomplished by a high-performing team.
  • Clear, unafraid, proactive communication skills supported by demonstrated ability to think critically and strategically.
  • Ease in decision-making based on gathered information and experience.
  • Exemplary analytic and problem-solving skills, including the ability to create and follow processes for effective collaboration and timely work completion.
  • Proficiency in the Microsoft Office suite of programs, especially Microsoft Excel and Access, with the demonstrated ability to use these tools for data analysis and describing findings.
  • An obsessive attention to detail and accuracy while maintaining the ability to keep projects on schedule.
  • Ability to give and receive evaluation and criticism constructively. 
  • Relocation to TRG’s headquarters location in Colorado Springs, CO is required. 
 The ideal candidate also will have: 
  • Skill and experience in customer relationship management. 
  • Close familiarity with TRG Arts and our services. 


    Position is located in the TRG Arts Colorado Springs, Colorado, office.

    To apply, please send resume and cover letter via email specifying how you meet the required qualifications to:
    TRG Arts Recruiting
    90 S. Cascade Ave.
    Suite 510
    Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Consulting Analyst 

Reports to: Director of Client Services

Positions Supervised: Project oversight of activities specifically related to portfolio clients. 

The Consulting Analyst is an active member of the Client Service team that delivers TRG’s data-driven, best practice counsel aimed at achieving revenue and patronage results for each client. Specifically, the Consulting Analyst: 

  • Serves as lead analyst on designated consulting projects and deliverables including critical client start-up and loyalty analyses.
  • Provides lead counsel on behalf of TRG to a designated portfolio of client projects including direct response campaign planning and scaling/pricing project assignments.
  • Delivers essential project management and collaborative initiative with TRG’s Senior Consultants on behalf of clients and projects.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a member of TRG’s Client Service team by delivering critical internal and external data analysis and consulting designed to clarify and strengthen TRG’s recommendations to the client. 
  • Serve as data analyst and developer for key, standard client deliverables including, but not limited to:
    • New consulting project start-up analyses 
    • Consulting client project work plans and associated needs for each phase of consulting work
    • Client-specific pricing and scale-of-house analysis using TRG’s proprietary software 
    • Client ticket sales and annual fund analysis on which revenue projections and results tracking are based 
    • Patron loyalty analysis and reports including TRG’s Patron Loyalty Index, Key Metrics, Dynamic Clusters, response and conversion reports 
    • Manage a portfolio of consulting projects including: 
      • Direct response planning projects for subscription, single ticket and annual fund campaigns 
      • Demand Management projects 
      • Patron loyalty and retention projects 
    • Serve consistently as a member of TRG’s consulting start-up team, performing standard analysis for client-facing reports and deliverables. 
    • Coordinate and collaborate within the Client Service team on projects and client work. 
    • Share experience and expertise on all areas of TRG’s consultancy for the purpose of internal professional development and cross-training of TRG colleagues.
    • Adhere to TRG consulting procedures and protocols, including per-client time standards. 
    • Uphold the TRG brand in client service by demonstrating a relentless focus on producing overall revenue and patron results.  


    Candidates must have:

    • A minimum of five years cumulative experience as a data analyst, sales or marketing manager in the arts or entertainment industry. 
    • Demonstrated and excellent project management skills. 
    • A strong orientation to deadlines. 
    • Demonstrated ability to generate actionable findings for a set of transactional data. 
    • A track record for successfully managing and implementing campaigns that achieved desired revenue and audience-building results. 
    • Excellent written and verbal communication that support an ability to be persuasive, motivational, and instructive with clients and team colleagues. 
    • Mastery of data presentation tools, such as multi-axis graphs and data illustration features often found in Micosoft Excel. 
    • Ability to give and receive evaluation and criticism constructively. 
    • Extraordinary attention to detail and unfailing ability to follow-through. 
    • Self-initiative and discipline to successfully manage a diverse portfolio of internal (Client Service team) and external (client) customers. 
     Requirements of the job: 
    • Ability to think critically and strategically; strong analytic and problem-solving skills are a must for success in this position. 
    • Master or very high proficiency in Excel, Access, and PowerPoint presentation programs; the candidate may contribute to the automation of frequently performed analytics.
    • Willing and able to travel as assigned. Travel may require a minimum of one week per month. Some months may require more. 

    The ideal candidate also will have: 

    • Earned a Bachelor’s degree or relevant experience in an area that provides a knowledge platform for marketing, communication’s, customer service, the arts or related field. 
    • Experience as a presenter to internal and external customers.
    • Skill or experience in customer relationship management.
    • Familiarity with TRG Arts and the company’s consulting services.
    • A desire to grow, learn and actively contribute to the company’s culture and development over time. 


    To apply, please send resume and cover letter via email specifying how you meet the required qualifications to:
    TRG Arts Recruiting

    90 S. Cascade Ave.
    Suite 510
    Colorado Springs, CO 80903

    Data Services Manager

    Reports to: Client Services Team

    Positions Supervised: Trainer
    Deadline to apply: January 15, 2018

    The Data Services Manager is an active member of the Client Service team responsible for the management of TRG Arts data services clients, which includes Community Networks. 

    In this position, you will become a data expert and learn the ins and outs of the TRG Data Center. You will service the firm’s portfolio of direct response and data services clients and help them achieve results. This individual will be responsible for the strategic management of data clients, maintaining and growing client retention, and profitability. Through excellent customer service and project management, you will serve as the central point of data client communications.

    Major Responsibilities:

    The Data Services Manager will work full time in TRG Arts Colorado Springs headquarters and be responsible for the following duties:

    • Management of data services clients, stewarding their needs according to contract, suggesting additional products and services, monitoring usage, and providing Help Desk service as needed.

    - Supervise and manage the overall performance of TRG Arts' Trainer
    Work with Trainer to develop and lead Data Center training sessions

    • Create and execute Data Center communications, in coordination with Client Development.
    • Provide on-line and in-person meetings (travel may be required) to orientate a new client, present new functionality, perform training, and collaborate with clients about concerns.
    • Contribute to the company’s objectives for client profitability through client retention and cross selling.
    • Provide direct response counsel, based on TRG Arts best practices, to clients to achieve results for single ticket, retention, membership and subscription campaigns.
    • Tactical and intra-departmental coordination to ensure client contracts are fulfilled, deadlines are met and clients are satisfied and retained. Examples of client deliverables include:

    - Telemarketing lead sets
    - Regular database updates
    - Response rate reports
    - Key loyalty indicator reports
    - Training on online platforms
    - Troubleshooting and problem solving on behalf of clients and the data management platforms
    - Managing and fulfilling data start-up services

    • Learned expertise of TRG Arts Data Center.
    • Support and collaboration with senior consultants and consulting analysts on mutually held clients.
    • Contribute to the product development of TRG Arts Data Center.


    Candidates must have:

    • 3-4 years’ experience in serving clients to optimize their results from direct response campaigns.
    • Strong leadership, proactive communication and presentation skills.
    • Careful project management and excellent customer service skills.
    • Ability to manage both internal and external projects simultaneously and prioritize appropriately.
    • Experience in sales.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    • Mastery of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
    • Demonstrated ability to develop, when necessary, and examine data – e.g. sales histories, sales tracking and pacing documents.
    • Ability to resolve conflicts and to offer creative solutions in challenging situations such as resource limitations and sudden or unexpected changes, both internally and externally.
    • Understanding of and willingness to uphold the TRG brand methodology, strategic perspective, and high client service standards.
    • BA degree in marketing, arts administration, journalism or related field required.

    Relocation to Colorado is mandatory for this position.


    Position is located in the TRG Arts Colorado Springs, Colorado, office.

    To apply, please send resume and cover letter via email specifying how you meet the required qualifications to:
    TRG Arts Recruiting
    90 S. Cascade Ave.
    Suite 510
    Colorado Springs, CO 80903

    Upcoming Events

    Professional Development Workshops


    March 7-8, 2018 - Marketing is from Mars; Development is from Venus; Colorado Springs, CO

    March 6-8, 2018 - TRG Arts Executive Summit; London, UK

    April 6-8, 2018 - TRG Arts Executive Summit; Colorado Springs, CO



    National Alliance of Musical Theaters (NAMT) - April 4-6, 2018; PIttsburgh, PA

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