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Real-time intelligence on the impact of our changing world

Understand how you compare to an industry leading benchmark of over 400 organizations across the North America, the UK and Ireland.

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In Partnership This project is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts through our partnership with SMU DataArts.
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Understanding your Data

Clear dashboards to gain perspective on your data

Benchmarking with Peers for Re-assurance

Is my ‘record-low’ still ‘best-in-class’?

Robust Aggregate Data for Policy Makers

Large sample of what’s actually happening now – not a survey

National Learning

Who is bucking the trend? How are they doing it?

Quick Facts

Context to support development campaigns

International Understanding

What policies and practices are aiding recovery most swiftly?

“It’s all completely engrossing … what an amazing job TRG and Purple Seven have done translating all our data into something so useful and easy to understand.”

Teresa Bendoris, Head of Marketing and Sales, Eden Court Highlands

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How does it work?

An automated data feed (called a DDX) between your organization’s box office and Purple Seven’s secure servers provides a daily update on ticket sales, refunds and donations which is anonymized and aggregated for the national benchmark. We’ll provide instructions and guidance to set this up smoothly and quickly with you.

Simple steps to set up your data feed:


We set up an account to receive your data.

Depending on your ticketing system, we may also send you the credentials of this account to configure your data feed.


You receive a short email with simple steps to follow to link your ticketing system to our secure servers and start sending us daily uploads.

If you need any support, our teams in the UK and the US are ready to help.


Once your first data upload is successful, we will pick up historical data to provide you with robust and comparable insights.


Your data is anonymised and added to the COVID-19 Benchmark database. You’ll receive login credentials to access your insights and Dashboards.


Which other organizations are in the benchmark and are using the Dashboard?

Over 400 arts and cultural organizations including arts centers, theatres, orchestras, opera, dance, museums and visual arts, are using the Dashboard and comparing their data to benchmarks of peer organisations. The Dashboard is entirely anonymous and your sales figures and customer data will not be identifiable. All data is anonymized and aggregated.

Which ticketing systems do you support?

  • AudienceView
  • ENTA
  • Patronbase
  • Seat Advisor
  • Spektrix
  • SRO4
  • Tessitura
  • TheatreManager
  • Ticketsolve

If you ticketing system is not listed, please do still register your interest as we continue to develop integrations with other systems when there is sufficient interest.

Are there any data sharing and GDPR implications?

To support the sector at this critical time, TRG Arts and Purple Seven intend to make this free service available for the duration of the disruption to the arts and cultural industry. Our systems and processes are fully compliant with all international regulations (including GDPR). We do not use your customer data for anything other than the benchmark, unless you ask us to. Your sales figures and customer data will not be identifiable. For the purposes of the benchmark, all data is anonymized and aggregated.

How can I add other colleagues to be able to access the Dashboard?

To add additional users to your dashboard, email Full Name, Job Title, and Email to

How do I get my login details?

Login credentials were sent to your staff who registered for the project. Check with them to see if they received an email from with the details.

About TRG Arts and Purple Seven

TRG Arts and Purple Seven have partnered to provide real-time intelligence and advice to the arts and cultural sector on the economic impact of our changing world and how best to respond to it. This partnership brings together Purple Seven’s experience of live sales feeds from hundreds of arts venues and TRG Arts’ consulting and data analysis expertise in achieving unsurpassed results for the arts and cultural sector. This project is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts through our partnership with SMU DataArts

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