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From professional development opportunities to technology designed for consumer insights, our industry resources will provide your team with the knowledge necessary to be savvy professionals.

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Thriving organizations require savvy professionals. Our industry resources will optimize your team.
COVID-19 Sector Benchmark

The COVID-19 Sector Benchmark is an automated data feed between your box office and Purple Seven’s secure servers. anonymized and aggregated, the Benchmark provides real-time intelligence of how your ticketing data compares to the industry.

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Who is it For Marketing and Box Office
Delivery Online
Availability North America, United Kingdom, Ireland
Investment Free
TRG 30

Replays of roundtable conversations featuring Jill Robinson and guests on the pandemic's impact on the arts and cultural industry.

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Who is it For Executive, Marketing, Fundraising, Box Office, Artistic
Delivery Online
Length 30 minutes
Availability Globally
Investment Free
Deeper Dives

Free, focused webinars exclusively available online. Deeper Dives are 45-minute sessions hosted by TRG consultants.

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Who is it For Executive, Marketing, Fundraising, Box Office, Artistic
Delivery Online
Length 45 Minutes
Availability Globally
Investment Free
Talent Lab

Talent Lab is an incubator for the next generation of empowered arts and cultural industry leaders to engage in daring dialogue and grow professionally with a 21st-century mindset.

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Who is it For Marketing, Fundraising, Box Office, Artistic
Delivery Online
Length 1-3 Hours
Availability Globally
Investment $89 USD
Executive Summit

Multiple times a year, executives from around the globe gather in peer groups to hear TRG's latest insights and evolving practices about leading a thriving and resilient organization.

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Who is it For Chief Executives and Vice Presidents
Delivery In-person
Length 2 Days
Availability United Kingdom and North America
Investment $499 USD
Research & Insights

Our latest industry insights, research, and resources published to inform and support the field.

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Who is it For Executive, Marketing, Fundraising, Box Office, Artistic
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