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TRG Arts is an international change agency committed to building thriving arts and cultural organizations. Experts in the arts sector for over 25 years, TRG Arts has earned a reputation by successfully shaping for-profit and non-profit business models to focus on consumer relationships, financial stability, organizational frameworks, and people-centric teams. TRG Arts believes that a thriving organization leads to artistic innovation that helps create a vibrant community.

At TRG, we believe performing arts and cultural organizations help communities thrive.  Arts and culture strengthen communities by helping people learn, heal, and simply have fun! And it’s arts and cultural organizations that play a specific role in curating and enabling these community experiences.

We believe in people. Our people are what make TRG who we are. We are a group who believe in the arts, and are intellectually curious, dynamic, and hard working.

We value fun. Whether that is spending time with family, volunteering, hiking, mountain biking, sailing, singing in a choir, dancing, or playing in an orchestra, TRG encourages work life balance.

If you have any questions about any position(s) and/or should you need us to make any adjustments to allow you to fully participate in this application process, please get in touch with us

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  • Managing Director, UK & Europe

Managing Director, UK & Europe

The Managing Director, UK & Europe serves a crucial role in the success of the UK & Europe operation as both a strategist and executor to help the Company achieve its vision, and financial and relational goals for the region.  This role works in collaboration with the TRG’s senior leaders and managers to maximise growth opportunities as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible.  

The ideal candidate will possess a growth mindset and entrepreneurial spirit, as this position is a catalyst to building TRG’s business in the UK and Europe from a solid foundation.

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Equal Opportunities at TRG Arts

Diversity, inclusion and equality are vital to TRG’s role as a leader in our industry. We strive to employ people with knowledge, experience and talent currently under-represented in the workplace.

We believe every person must be treated with respect, and TRG is committed to providing a working environment with equality and opportunity for all without bias on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, ancestry, age, national origin, disability, transgenderism, sexual orientation or status as a disabled veteran.

One of our core values is equity. At TRG Arts, we reject racism and discrimination in all its forms. We believe diversity is fuel for innovation, results, and quality of experience in work and life. We are committed to facilitating conversation, study, and action on behalf of our field, to help create a more equitable world.

All the while, we recognize this work is never finished. We will question and remove the structural barriers preventing equity – not only within our company, but also with our clients and on behalf of the arts and cultural sector we serve. We will make all reasonable adjustments to enable applicants to participate in the selection process, and for the successful applicant to carry out their role.