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Services and Technology to
Inspire Your Future Resilience

From short-term tactical consulting to longer-term transformational engagements, our suite of services will provide your organization with the tools necessary to thrive.

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Sustainable Revenue
Data-Driven Decision-Making
Community Engagement
People- Centric Teams Optimizing an adaptive and forward- thinking approach to the structure, development, and retainment of teams. Consumer Relationships Engaging a community by attracting new and retaining existing consumers. Organizational Frameworks Systems and structures for organizations focused on feedback, planning and E.D.I. initiatives. Financial Stability Building sustainable revenue through cost mitigation, revenue optimization, and data-driven insights. Thriving Organizations
Resiliency requires organizations to reshape their business model. Our Services focuses on four key areas to build thriving organizations.

Data Center

Data Center is your one-stop shop for building targeted direct mail campaigns and performing demographic and buying-habit research about your audience. Want to grow your lists and learn how your organization fits within your community's creative ecosystem? Discover our TRG Community Networks for list trading through a permission-based system.

Who is it For Marketing and Fundraising
Delivery Online
Availability USA
Focus Financial Stability
Investment From $1,200 USD

Planning Sprints

Planning sprints are quick, one or two-day intensives designed to grow consumer loyalty, build sustainable revenue, and boost your marketing or fundraising efforts. Areas covered are memberships, subscriptions, single tickets, and annual fund. We also offered sprints focused on patron loyalty, and demand management and pricing.

Who is it For Marketing, Fundraising
Delivery Online & In-person
Engagement Length 1-2 days
Availability North America & UK
Focus Financial Stability, Consumer Relationships
Investment From $12,750 USD

Revenue Accelerator

Revenue Accelerator begins with an analysis of your marketing and sales practices to uncover your future revenue potential. Together we will build on this analysis to craft a customized road map from pricing and scaling decisions to campaign planning for single tickets and subscription (or membership).

Who is it For Executive, Marketing, Box Office
Delivery Online & In-person
Engagement Length Minimum 18 months
Availability North America & UK
Focus Financial Stability, Consumer Relationships, People-Centric Teams
Investment From $41,525 one-time and $18,975 quarterly

Capacity Building

Capacity Building is an investment in the future of your organization. With our premier engagement, we will holistically reshape your organization to be prepared for the 21st century and build your organizational resiliency.

Who is it For Executive, Marketing, Fundraising, Box Office, Artistic
Delivery Online & In-person
Engagement Length Approximately 3 years
Availability North America & UK
Focus Financial Stability, Consumer Relationships, People-Centric Teams, Organizational Frameworks
Investment From $58,025 one-time and $25,575 quarterly

Shaping the future of your organization begins here.

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