Guest faculty announced for TRG's online workshop series

TRG's online workshop series

Ben Cameron and other industry experts to explore artistic planning in this can't-miss workshop

The artistic director’s vision: a season of artistically brilliant works which engages the community.

The executive director’s vision: a season of “hot tickets” which sell out and help the organization’s financial position.

Who’s right? Both objectives have merit. Can they co-exist? Learn what the data says in TRG’s artistic programming workshop this fall. Hosted by President & CEO Jill Robinson, this online workshop will explore data-driven artistic planning, present case study results, and provide participants with take-home tools that will help organizations evaluate their own circumstances and take next steps.

We’re pleased to announce our guest faculty for the workshop, which will span three sessions:

Ben Cameron of
the Jerome Foundation

Heather Redfern
of The Cultch

Angela Gieras and Eric Rosen of
Kansas City Repertory Theatre

- September 28, 2016: Ben Cameron, President of the Jerome Foundation, will join Jill to introduce the concept of artistic planning and explore how artistic planning decisions made today in arts and cultural organizations

- November 16, 2016: Leaders from Kansas City Repertory Theatre, including Executive Director Angela Gieras and Artistic Director Eric Rosen, will join Jill to discuss how to use patron data to set context for and guide artistic planning decisions. 

- January 11, 2017: Heather Redfern, Executive Director of The Cultch in Vancouver, will join Jill to introduce a framework for assessing the connection between patron loyalty and programming.

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Online Workshop Series: Data-driven artistic planning

For executive and artistic directors

Three 3-hour sessions on Sep. 28, 2016, Nov. 16, 2016, and Jan. 11, 2017
Cost: $450 per person individually, $300 per person if both artistic and executive directors at your organization participate

Join TRG for this three-part online workshop that examines the relationship between artistic programming and patron loyalty. Organizational leaders will learn how to use artistic data to help grow and sustain patron loyalty.  The good news?  Data tells the story over and over again: organizations can “blockbuster” themselves right into a failing business model.  The success comes when balance exists.

Posted June 8, 2016

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