Slides: National Arts Marketing Project Conference 2019

Slides: National Arts Marketing Project Conference 2019


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We Need to Talk About More Than Just Millennials

*This session was presented at the National Arts Marketing Project Conference in November 2019.*

For years, there has been an obsession in the arts and cultural industry with millennials being the “special sauce” in audience development to offset the declining participation of the silent generation and baby boomers. It’s true that strategies around engaging millennials should be one piece of any organization’s marketing and development plan. However, there are some significant caveats worth understanding before going all in with this generation.

Join this session to learn more about this groundbreaking research on how to best develop campaign plans, build patron loyalty strategies, and evolve your marketing efforts through the lens of our recently published analysis on generational trends in engagement. We will share new and updated results of how organizations are tackling these issues at an organizational and campaign planning level in audience development.

During this Session, Attendees will:
1. Learn current generational audience trends and how to better understand demographic shifts that are already happening in your community.
2. Armed with this awareness, learn how other organizations have developed plans on building audiences and cultivating patrons to strengthen loyalty where they have it and implement tactics where they don’t.
3. Walk away with new ideas for digital and/or direct response campaigns that can be implemented right away to grow loyalty.

Presenters: Jim DeGood, Director of Client Services, TRG Arts, and Eric Nelson, Client Engagement Officer, TRG Arts

Posted November 22, 2019

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