Staff Profile: Nariman Tulepkaliev

Nariman Tulepkaliev

Senior Analyst



What I work on

My primary responsibility is leading and working on analytics projects, both standard and custom ones. Analytics projects allow our consultants to understand our clients’ data and think of the best consulting advice for them. There is always room to improve our products, and it's exciting to come up with innovative and efficient ways to collect client’s data, query it and present meaningful reports to our consulting team.

How my career has evolved

I graduated from the Air Force Academy of Ukraine as an electronics engineer. After my discharge from the military, I started working in the civilian arena implementing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. In 2003, we moved to Colorado Springs and I primarily worked in the financial data sector while earning my MBA from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs I started with TRG Arts in November of 2012.

What I enjoy most about working at TRG

It’s a great team of supportive and positive colleagues. The tasks are challenging many times, but we’re never intimidated. I like to be involved with complex projects where a teamwork of analysts and consultants produce meaningful and actionable results for our clients. I like working with data analysis—seeing what’s going on in a business and how can we improve it. I’m always delighted to see when consultants and clients looking at the data results have this “Ah-ha” moment and zealously take on an adventurous journey of improving organizations patron base and most importantly patron’s experience.

What I love about the arts

I remember myself sitting in my step-father’s orchestra pit (he was a conductor), right next to him but hidden from a public view, and being fascinated by the beauty of every play on the stage, by the drama, by such a wonderful sound of harmony of strings and other instruments, by the passion of actors and musicians – I’m thinking now I’ve been loving arts all my life. I never missed a performance title in the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Ukraine. Even though my brain was wired to learn and do engineering, my heart was listening to classical music and pounding for the Barber of Seville.

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