Blue Cypress Makes Strategic Investment in TRG Arts To Fuel Impact and Growth in Supporting the Arts and Culture Sector

New Partnership Adds to Blue Cypress’s Focus on Disruptive, Forward-thinking and Evergreen Businesses

June 2, 2021
Jill Robinson By TRG Arts
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TRG Arts received a strategic investment from Blue Cypress, a family of companies that serve purpose-driven organizations, with a specific focus on professional services and disruptive technology. The investment represents Blue Cypress’s commitment to the success of TRG Arts and its mission to propel the recovery, growth and resiliency of the arts and culture sector. Blue Cypress will be a minority partner and TRG will continue to operate independently, retaining its executive team and staff.

The partnership came about from shared values and vision between the two companies.  Both believe in the critical role arts and culture play in serving and nurturing the soul and economies of communities. TRG shares Blue Cypress’ belief in a philosophy of long-term thinking, lasting impact and life-long growth; TRG’s business model and culture align with Blue Cypress’s investment in and acquisition of disruptive, forward-thinking and evergreen businesses.

“I know this sector is going to recover strongly, and this gives us a boost in resources to continue our work. This investment from Blue Cypress will be focused on TRG’s growth, performance and execution so we can get farther faster in helping our critical arts and cultural ecology thrive into a new, post-pandemic reality.”

Jill Robinson, Chief Executive Officer, TRG Arts

“We are really excited about having TRG Arts in the Blue Cypress Family. They are disrupters that have the potential for huge, positive impact in the arts community, and that’s the kind of vision we’re always looking for.”

Amith Nagarajan, Chairman, Blue Cypress

TRG has been serving the arts and culture sector for more than 25 years, has offices on two continents, and continues to grow and impact arts organizations worldwide. TRG offers a range of free resources for cultural and arts professionals throughout the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and the EU to ensure the field of arts and culture thrives now and after the COVID-19 crisis:

  • A number of studies on the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the arts and culture sector based on data from the COVID-19 Sector Benchmark, an initiative led by TRG Arts and UK arts data specialists Purple Seven, which has grown into the largest global arts and cultural consumer dataset in the industry.
  • TRG 30, a weekly 30-minute webinar series of crisis counsel and best practices that attracts hundreds of executives globally each week.

“I’m inspired by Blue Cypress’s enthusiasm about TRG’s clients, about the arts and cultural sector, about us. They offer many exciting opportunities for our growth into new industries, professional development, learning from the other companies in their family, and more. I’m incredibly excited by this opportunity for TRG.”

Jill Robinson, Chief Executive Officer, TRG Arts

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