Pricing Strategies for Digital Events

March 3, 2021
Lindsay Anderson by Lindsay Anderson, Chief Operating Officer

Our sector has found itself responding to the demands of COVID and offering digital events in place of live performance. It’s time to take a step back and reflect on our strategic objectives and our approach to pricing. Using data to measure our success has always been important, and it’s even more so now. Is your organization tracking metrics that are informing your actions in this critical time, and are you using new, aggregate data resources available to you?

In this presentation for 'Spektrix Presents' TRG offered provocations to remind us of the importance of strategy, alignment, and data.

TRG 30 is a bi-weekly 30-minute series of conversations and provocations with CEO Jill Robinson and invited guests. Open to anyone in the arts and cultural sector, the sessions provide insight, counsel and inspiration.

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