Now is the time to de-silo. Seriously.

January 13, 2021
Caitlin Green by Caitlin Green, Client Engagement Officer

We’re in limbo.

Coming up on nearly a year of canceled performances, it also means many (not all) but many of our patrons are in this limbo with us – waiting for things to change so they can engage the way they used to.

At TRG we see an opportunity now, right now, to develop new practices, strategies and tactics to increase engagement across all segments of your database—now and, most importantly, when live gatherings resume.

So today, I'm asking this: how are your marketing and development staff working TOGETHER to bring more patrons out of limbo and back into active engagement?

Combined, your marketing and development teams have an extraordinary cadre of expertise and resources – imagine what’s possible when they’re combined! Ask them to bring their unique skills to the table and plan to collaboratively steward ALL your patron relationships. Ask them to set measurable goals and analyze their progress. They can do this, and we can help.

I had a conversation with my colleague Brad this morning about this very thing. We recorded the good bits to share with you, check it out:

Regardless of when you re-open and we navigate our way out of this latest round of restrictions, don’t miss the opportunity “test and learn” new engagement strategies led by de-siloed departments.

Caitlin Green | Client Engagement Officer

We can help you with your plans to collaboratively steward ALL your patron relationships.

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