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Build Your Organization’s Future Capacity for Resilience

TRG’s Capacity Building engagement will reshape your organization to be prepared for the 21st century.

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Organizational Capacity
Grow Consumer-Centered
Industry Expertise
Change happens. What matters is how you manage the change when it does.

Maintaining the status quo is an all too common response when faced with challenging circumstances. Many organizations that find themselves at this intersection often see teams feeling directionless and even overlooking revenue-generating opportunities - a position no organization wants to be in.

Get ready to build your organizational resiliency.

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Strengthen Organizational

Your organization's potential to fulfill its mission relies on your team's ability to make measurable improvements to meet goals. Central to strengthening organizational capacity is prioritizing an approach to strategic planning, team structure, and team skillset that is adaptive and forward-thinking.

Grow Consumer-Centered

Growing your consumer-centered revenue - admissions, donations, and subscriptions (or memberships) - builds a resilient business model. Focusing on the entire arc of consumer revenue strengthens relationships and sets the organization up for success with evolving 21st-century demographics.

Leverage Industry

Your organization will benefit from having an industry expert be an extension of your team. A TRG consultant has access to our library of best practices to help you pursue revenue-generating opportunities by implementing tailored consumer-centered revenue, demand management, and pricing strategies.

Our Clients For more than 25 years, we’ve been industry leaders helping hundreds of arts and cultural organizations build resiliency and get results. Schedule a Call
“Before TRG began working with us, we were facing a rapidly changing environment with no tools to address the challenges. Their counsel has taught us how to understand today's situation and plan for the future. We are empowered to be proactive, not reactive, about our patron base.” Camilla Holland Executive Director at Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre
“The fact that TRG talked to me – the Chief Executive – about ticketing and marketing, not just my colleagues in those departments, was fantastic. TRG's counsel helped me empower my team and take responsibility in an informed way. I knew this would be transformational for the organization.” Dan Bates Chief Executive at Sheffield Theatres
People- Centric Teams Optimizing an adaptive and forward- thinking approach to the structure, development, and retainment of teams. Consumer Relationships Engaging a community by attracting new and retaining existing consumers. Organizational Frameworks Systems and structures for organizations focused on feedback, planning and E.D.I. initiatives. Financial Stability Building sustainable revenue through cost mitigation, revenue optimization, and data-driven insights. Thriving Organizations
Capacity Building is the comprehensive approach for developing a thriving 21st century organization .
Here’s an overview of how we will reshape your organization for the 21st century.

Pricing From $58,025 one-time and $25,575 quarterly

Pricing and Demand Management

Provides strategies for maximizing revenue potential and future success based on a historical review of programming, admission / performance time, and seat location use.

Patron Loyalty Planning

Provides a customized strategy designed to build a more substantial base of loyalists and reduce attrition of consumers still getting to know your organization.

One-on-One Counsel

Provides in-depth counsel to infuse new ideas, keep teams accountable for implementation, and teach industry best practices to pursue revenue-generating opportunities.

Consumer-Centered Planning

Provides campaign planning focused on consumer-centered revenue to maximize results in admissions, donations, and subscriptions (or memberships).

Peer Group Learning

Provides access to core professional development summits for your team based on topics like pricing and season planning, subscription, single tickets, and fundraising.

Baseline Assessment

Provides a three-pronged assessment to uncover potential growth and optimization areas for consumer-centered revenue, loyalty growth, and ticketing inventory.

Patron Loyalty Index

Provides a patron-centric view of your consumers to determine levels of loyalty and actionable patron profile types crucial for Patron Loyalty Planning.

Key Metrics Analysis

Provides a starting point for building loyalty and mitigating attrition alongside an understanding of loyalty health based on five years of CRM data.

Programmatic Analysis

Provides context of the impact historical programming has on your patron loyalty trends. It’s insightful for business planning and programming for the future.

Strategic Operational Analysis

Provides a comprehensive review to bolster organizational culture and capability by focusing on strategic planning, team structure and skillset, and consumer feedback.

Shaping the future of your organization begins here.

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