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Deeper Dive:
Net Promoter System (NPS)

Watch Back

Deeper Dive: Net Promoter System (NPS)

Many organizations we talk to understand that gathering customer feedback is an important strategy for running a successful organization. Few, however, have taken the next step to build a to collect and follow up with customers and then consider organizational-wide change based on that feedback.

Building a system for reconnecting with customers to seek feedback is more important than ever. Why? When this system is in place, the customer feels valued and invested in by the organization. Valued and invested customers tend to galvanize their loyalty - financially.

Brad Carlin, Senior Consultant, shares a data-driven approach to collect and respond to customer feedback using the Net Promoter System.

  • Cover the basic mechanics of the Net Promoter System.
  • Share strategies for composing the right questions and tactics for segmenting and sending NPS surveys.
  • Highlight case studies for how organizations effectively use and build loyalty from customer feedback.
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