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COVID-19 Sector Benchmark Dashboard

TRG Arts and Purple Seven have partnered to provide real-time intelligence and advice to the arts and cultural sector on the economic impact of COVID-19. This partnership brings together Purple Seven’s experience of live sales feeds from hundreds of arts venues and TRG Arts consulting and data analysis expertise in achieving unsurpassed results for the arts and cultural sector. 

As a result, we have created a free and easy to use international COVID-19 Sector Benchmark Dashboard. Together, we are building on our histories of gathering and analyzing cultural data to identify the economic impact that the arts and culture industry is facing and to establish national benchmarking groups for organizations in the UK, US, and Canada. 

By taking a unified approach, we’ll be able to compare the effects of COVID-19 on the arts sector and the recovery in these three nations. TRG Arts and Purple Seven will be able to share both the ‘macro’ evidence of impact of different national policies and the ‘micro’ learnings from specific organizations that have found innovative ways of engaging their audiences. 

The impact for your organization, and the entire sector, will be substantial. Please join us in uniting the sector and register for the free COVID-19 Sector Benchmark Dashboard.   

Sign up for the COVID-19 Sector Benchmark Dashboard 

Webinar: Part 1 - Launching the Dashboard

Webinar: Part 2 - Advances and Customer Typology

The Benefits: 
  1. Insights for individual organizations
    The insights generated by your data will be accessible to you through an online dashboard of key metrics that will demonstrate the impact COVID-19 has had on your organization, giving you valuable information to share with your constituents. 

  2. Benchmarking and re-assurance
    Comparing your data set with how your organization is performing against your peers will provide valuable intelligence for arts and cultural leaders during this incomparable time. Your ability to benchmark against other organizations will assist in short and long-term planning. 

  3. Robust and almost real-time evidence for national lobbying
    It is crucial that we unite as a sector to provide robust, evidence-based intelligence to effectively lobby for support. Tracking daily sales data across the sector provides the industry with insight to understand and react to this rapidly changing landscape. 

  4. Learning nationally
    National Benchmarks will allow TRG Arts and Purple Seven to see which organizations are successfully innovating and seeing results as they adapt. TRG Arts and Purple Seven are committed to sharing these insights broadly across the arts and cultural sector to ensure the industry as a whole can evolve and recover as swiftly as possible. 

  5. International understanding
    By taking a unified approach to data gathering and benchmarking across the UK, Canada, and US, we’ll be able to compare and contrast the effects of COVID-19 on the arts sector and the recovery in each of these countries. We’ll be able to share both the ‘macro’ evidence of impact of different national policies and the ‘micro’ learning from specific organizations who have found innovative ways of engaging their audiences.


The Fine Print: 
To support the sector at this critical time, TRG Arts and Purple Seven intend to make this free service available for the duration of the disruption to the arts and cultural industry. An automated data feed will be set up between your box office and our secure servers. Once this is established, we will monitor it to ensure your data flows every day. Our systems and processes are fully compliant with all international regulations (including GDPR). We do not use your customer data for anything other than the benchmark, unless you ask us to. Your sales figures and customer data will not be identifiable. For the purposes of the benchmark, all data is anonymized and aggregated.

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